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Reliable HbA1c testing now available on the RX Monza

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Diabetes is a chronic and progressive disease that impacts upon almost every aspect of life. It is caused by a deficiency, inherited and/or acquired, in production of insulin by the pancreas (type 1), or by resistance to the insulin produced (type 2). As a major non-communicable disease, diabetes mellitus claims on average around 8% of total health budgets in developed countries. Diabetes can result in premature death, ill health and disability, yet these can often be prevented or delayed by high quality management and care. Advances in diagnostic testing have enabled high throughput of patient samples for a full biochemistry profile within minutes. Many healthcare professionals see early diagnosis and preventative medicine as the only viable strategy to manage the ever-increasing issues of diabetes. In a diabetic patient a controlled diet and regular exercise can keep blood sugar levels controlled, and the progression of the disease in check.

Randox provide a high quality HbA1c test for routine monitoring of diabetic or at-risk people, to help prevent the long-term complications of the condition. Numerous clinical studies have shown that diabetes related complications may be reduced by long term monitoring and tight control of blood glucose levels. As red blood cells have a life span of 4 months, HbA1c gives an indication of long-term control of a patient’s blood sugar levels and compliance with their diet. For routine use, HbA1c levels should be measured every 4 to 6 months.

This new test offers excellent specificity, precision and sensitivity. And when run on the revolutionary RX monza, results are achieved rapidly and easily. The quality of results ensures reliability. As a tough and reliable system, the RX monza requires little maintenance and is suited to a variety of laboratory settings including clinical laboratories, specialised clinics, research laboratories and in food and wine testing. The comprehensive RX monza test menu includes; routine clinical chemistry, cardiac, lipids, diabetes, antioxidants, renal function, liver function, electrolytes, veterinary testing and food and wine testing. To revolutionise HbA1c testing in your laboratory, contact Randox today.