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SCIEX and Mass Analytica Collaborate To Advance Artificial Intelligence Quantitation Software

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At ASMS 2024, SCIEX, in collaboration with Mass Analytica, presents artificial intelligence quantitation (AI quant) software. AI quant harnesses the capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning to process data and produce insights in a matter of moments, freeing up operator time and boosting productivity. AI quant will be able to process data from the SCIEX 7500+ system and the ZenoTOF 7600 system, and is compatible with Echo MS+ system.


“Time counts when your decision lies within large, complex datasets. The software has many exciting capabilities; among them is the automation of high-resolution MS/MS analysis with an intelligent fragment selection algorithm. The software solution can auto-predict fragments and then empirically optimize combinations against background noise, while also refining extracted ion chromatogram (XIC) width for best signal-to-noise ratio,” said Beth Hazell, Senior Director, Software & Informatics Product Lines at SCIEX.

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AI quant software learns and explores the depths of each analysis, capturing vital connections and presenting the data in a preferred format. This can eliminate time-consuming steps in workflows and method development, allowing scientists to generate actionable insights while reducing the often heavy load of data processing and method development. AI quant extends the SCIEX OS software ecosystem to offer customers a comprehensive quantitation software solution that serves both high throughput and routine workflows.


“The amount of data produced with SCIEX systems is rich with information, but typically only a small part can be used during a manual process. AI quant software can maximize the use of the data, turning it into information to derive the customer endpoint while minimizing human intervention. It is a streamlined solution turning mass spec data into a customizable endpoint such as clearance, in-vivo PK, and more,” said Ismael Zamora, PhD, CEO of Mass Analytica.