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Sphere Medical Opens Commercial Production Facilities in Wales for Proxima Blood Gas Analyser

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Sphere Medical, an innovator company in critical care monitoring and diagnostics equipment, has opened its new commercial production facility in St. Asaph, Wales. Edwina Hart, Minister for Economy, Science and Transport for the Welsh Government, was present to officially open the new manufacturing facility for Sphere’s Proxima patient-dedicated blood gas analyser.

The new facilities include a state of the art cleanroom and will provide the necessary manufacturing capacity in order to meet the expected growing demand for Sphere’s novel in-line arterial blood gas monitoring system over the coming years. Proxima makes closer nursing possible during a patient’s critical period, delivering faster and more frequent blood gas results. Furthermore, blood is drawn directly from the patient into the Proxima sensor for analysis and all blood is then returned to the patient; this avoids blood loss and reduces infection risks to a broad patient demographic, including paediatric patients. 

“The official opening of our new manufacturing facility marks a significant moment for Sphere, as the benefits of using Proxima in a critical care setting are realised and demand through Europe grows. For example, we were pleased to recently report news of our first sale of Proxima to a major teaching hospital in Germany for the close management of unstable critically ill patients,” said Dr. Wolfgang Rencken, Chief Executive Officer of Sphere Medical. “We are grateful to the Minister, the Welsh Government and the Wales Life Sciences Investment Fund for their support with this development.”