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The Array Tape Platform Delivers the Next Evolution of PCR Instrumentation

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The IntelliQube is the first fully automated, high-throughput instrument to feature seamless integration of liquid handling, thermal cycling, detection, and data analysis. The IntelliQube supports quantitative real-time PCR, end-point PCR, and isothermal chemistries; allowing labs to realize the benefits of inline automation that are enabled by the innovative Array Tape® consumable.

Array Tape is a thin polymer strip with serially embossed wells that provides a flexible microplate replacement. It has made its mark globally in SNP genotyping applications by significantly increasing throughput while reducing the cost per data point in laboratories ranging from agrigenomics to clinical diagnostics. The introduction of IntelliQube extends this value to a broader scope of applications and laboratories. With the new 768-well Array Tape format, labs can expect twice the PCR throughput compared to traditional 384-well qPCR instruments while substantially reducing chemistry costs with 1.6μL reaction volumes!

The IntelliQube is compatible with an extensive list of chemistries and fluorogenic probes, and offers five distinct detection channels to enable multiplex reactions. Integrated liquid handling maximizes process flexibility and minimizes waste compared to rigidly defined chips, microarrays or microfluidics. A variety of qPCR and end-point PCR applications are compatible with the system, including but not limited to gene expression analysis, genotyping and copy number variants (CNVs), microbial detection and quantification, miRNA analysis, zygosity and GMO detection. The IntelliQube delivers accurate and sensitive PCR results with the flexibility, efficiency and integration that labs need. The IntelliQube is positioned to become an integral part of cutting edge research within the fields of agrigenomics, pharmaceuticals and diagnostics.

“The Array Tape paradigm has revolutionized the ultra-high throughput genotyping space since its introduction with the Nexar system in 2009. With the launch of IntelliQube, we are excited to extend the Array Tape advantage to a wider laboratory audience that provides unprecedented flexibility, throughput, process efficiency while lowering operating costs,” says Darren Cook, Executive Vice President Business Development and Strategy at Douglas Scientific. “The integrated qPCR workflow within the IntelliQube provides scientists control, consistency and hands off operation so they can focus on results rather than microplate management.”