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True Health Introduces New MMRV Tests

True Health Introduces New MMRV Tests content piece image
Credit: True Health

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True Health announced the addition of Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and Varicella (MMRV) tests as part of its new Infectious Disease category. The launch occurred earlier this month as another component of True Health’s foundational diagnostic offering.

True Health’s MMRV tests determine the immune status of individuals to MMR and varicella-zoster viruses (VZV), a pathogen that causes conditions such as chickenpox and shingles. This testing is often performed in the primary care setting, especially as part of back-to-school examinations.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends students who plan to attend college or any post-high school institution receive two doses of MMR vaccine if they lack evidence of immunity.

“As students head back to school, the MMRV tests provide important documentation of previous exposure to these highly contagious diseases that can have serious and even fatal consequences,” says Chris Grottenthaler, CEO of True Health.

Effective immunization programs have considerably reduced diseases caused by MMRV viruses. However, outbreaks continue to occur in the U.S. and worldwide as a result of shrinking immunization rates, resulting in exposure of nonimmune individuals or those with waning immunity to infected persons. Certain individuals are at increased risk for contracting MMRV viruses, such as those with compromised immune systems, pregnant women, and people with nutritional deficiencies.

“Often the diagnosis for these infectious diseases is based on clinical signs and symptoms,” says Bobbie Sutton, MD, PhD, Vice President and Laboratory Director at True Health. “Our MMRV tests allow healthcare providers to more accurately confirm prior exposure to each specific virus, whether through natural infection or immunization.”

Individuals who test positive to IgG antibodies to measles, mumps, rubella, or varicella-zoster viruses are considered immune.

The MMRV tests are part of several FDA-approved infectious disease tests included in True Health’s continually expanding test menu. Additional infectious diseases tested by True Health include hepatitis, HIV, herpes, syphilis, and respiratory pathogens.