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TTP and DiaSorin to Commercialize Molecular Diagnostics Platform

TTP and DiaSorin to Commercialize Molecular Diagnostics Platform content piece image
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TTP plc (TTP), an independent technology and product development company, and DiaSorin, specialists in the in vitro diagnostic (IVD) field, have signed an exclusive license and technology transfer agreement. DiaSorin will combine its extensive molecular test offering with TTP’s Puckdx™ platform to develop a single-use, sample-to-answer, molecular diagnostics point-of-care platform for human IVD applications.

TTP’s proprietary Puckdx platform is designed to offer a flexible, fast time-to-result and low-cost solution for translating diagnostic assays for human and animal health and life science research to an easy-to-use desktop device. TTP’s Puckdx is based on a unique disposable robotic pipette system with a fast PCR module, combined with a cartridge containing all the necessary reagents.

Using this simple and cost-effective technology solution in combination with DiaSorin’s human IVD assays could provide clients with a result in less than 15 minutes. This could help to decentralize testing, which in turn could make diagnostic services more affordable and convenient for patients and reduce the time from diagnosis to treatment to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Giles Sanders, Consultant at TTP plc said: “We are delighted that DiaSorin has chosen Puckdx as their preferred POC platform.  We look forward to working in close partnership with DiaSorin to rapidly commercialize the platform, benefiting patients and healthcare providers worldwide.” 

Piers Harding, Consultant at TTP plc added: “During the development of the Puckdx platform we have focused on a system that enables easy transfer of assays and a reliable and readily manufactured disposable. We are excited to have such a major diagnostic company wishing to bring the platform to market for human applications.  The opportunity to utilize Puckdx for other fields of application continues to be available and we would be keen to collaborate with key players developing assays in areas such as for animal health and low-cost lab robotics”.