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VolitionRx Sells First NuQ® Research Use Only Kits to Active Motif

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VolitionRx Limited has announced its first wholesale order of NuQ® Research Use Only kits to Active Motif. Each kit allows epigenetics researchers to identify and analyze a different nucleosome structure. Active Motif will distribute the kits in its key markets of Europe, the United States and Japan.

These assays allow researchers - in areas as diverse as stem cells, apoptosis and epigenetic regulation - to study nucleosome based epigenetic features in animal or human cell culture samples. The four different types of kits which will be available through Active Motif are:
• NuQ® Total Nucleosome Cell Culture ELISA (measures total nucleosomes in a cell culture sample)
• NuQ® H4K16(Ac) Cell Culture ELISA (measures nucleosome associated acetylated lysine 16 on histone H4 in a cell culture sample)
• NuQ® H4Pan(Ac) Cell Culture ELISA (measures nucleosome associated total acetylation on nucleosome associated H4 in a cell culture sample)
• NuQ® H2AZ Cell Culture ELISA (measures nucleosome associated histone variant H2AZ in a cell culture sample)

Cameron Reynolds, CEO of VolitionRx, commented, “Active Motif is a globally respected supplier of tools for use in the field of epigenetics research, so we are delighted to be partnering with them. Our kits have great potential in supporting cell culture research and we are excited to see them being made available through Active Motif’s sales and distribution network and to their extensive customer base. It’s fantastic for us to see our first revenues from Nucleosomics.”

“VolitionRx’s NuQ® ELISA research kits are an excellent complement to our existing range of epigenetics research products,” Gary Shiels PhD, Director of Global Marketing at Active Motif added. “We are always looking for innovative tests that can enable our researchers to track unique epigenetic characteristics and inspire them to experiment with new techniques.”