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Cyto-Mine®: Single Cell Analysis and Monoclonality Assurance System

Cyto-Mine®: Single Cell Analysis and Monoclonality Assurance System

Cyto-Mine® can simplify and accelerate your day-to-day operations in cell line development, antibody discovery, and beyond. It’s powered by our picodroplet technology to screen and analyze millions of individual cells and isolate those rare ‘hits’ with monoclonality assured. And all in a single, integrated platform with minimal ‘hands-on’ time.

Cells are encapsulated in picodroplets containing growth media, which act as a bioreactor to compartmentalize cells, allowing their growth and eventual trapping of secreted molecules such as antibodies. Our unique workflow enables selective screening of single cells to find your rare lead candidates.

Monoclonality is ensured when single cells are compartmentalized in individual picodroplets, allowing you to perform novel assays, determining protein secretion rates, titer and antigen-specificity. Capturing single cells in picodroplets also ensures gentle processing throughout the workflow, protecting your important cells.

Integrated and automated – everything you need in one platform

All the process steps you need in one platform: cell encapsulation with assay reagents, incubation, assessment, cell selection, monoclonality check, and dispensing into microtiter plates all in one – all completely hands-off along with all supporting data. Each run uses a disposable cartridge to eliminate any cleaning or concerns about cross-contamination between runs. Our simple ‘load-and-go’ system streamlines work for everyone in the lab. Cyto-Mine®, Cyto-Cartridge® and our specialist chemicals and bioreagents are all Animal Origin Free and GLP-compliant.

High producers and great growth – ensuring you achieve both goals

It’s not just finding high producers; you need strong outgrowth to progress to fed-batch screening. Picodroplets protect cells during processing and allow high gas transfer rates, so selected cells have high viability.

High throughput and gentle – lightning fast without stress

Our platforms provide a unique balance. Traditional flow cytometry offers high throughput but intense shear stresses damage cells. Clone pickers are gentle but slow. Picodroplets provide speed (up to 200,000 cells per day) and protect cells to ensure your high-value clone is not stressed or damaged. Our data shows viability >97% for two different CHO cell lines 24 and 48 hours after processing with Cyto-Mine®.

Monoclonality assured – there can be only one

Regulations demand evidence that a cell line is derived from a single cell progenitor or clone. Cyto-Mine® automatically records and analyzes images of cells in droplets to assess monoclonality prior to dispensing. Multiple images, taken as the droplet moves and rotates in the channel, give the best possible chance to find droplets with more than one cell: and let you know to exclude that well from downstream processing.

Product Specifications
Weight 85 kg (187 lbs) – Boxed 110 kg (242 lbs)
Dimensions 860 mm x 566 mm x 463 mm (34 x 23 x 19 inches (w x h x d))
Voltage [frequency] 100 V to 240 V [@ 50 Hz / 60 Hz]
Power consumption 500 W (max)
Air supply 5.0 to 5.5 bar (73-80 psi)
Containment and sterility Suitable to use in a biological safety cabinet
Sample volume 18°C to 25°C
Number of picodroplets generated 1. 1.5, 2 million per experiment. User definable.
Sorting speed Up to 250 picodroplets per second
Run time Application dependent, typically 5 hours
About Sphere Fluidics
Sphere Fluidics’ platforms are built on over a decade of scientific and engineering research and development. Originally spun out from the University of Cambridge, they specialize in single-cell analysis and isolation platforms – helping you to find your really important cells.
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