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Digital LightCycler® dPCR System: Unleash the true power of digital PCR

Digital LightCycler® dPCR System: Unleash the true power of digital PCR

Our Digital LightCycler® dPCR System provides precision, sensitivity, and flexibility with 3 nanowell plate configurations, 6 advanced optical channels, and 5X-concentrated master mixes—It's a powerful tool for MRD detection and CNV analysis.

-3 different nanowell plate configurations designed to suit a variety of applications.

-*6 advanced optical channels enables high degree of multiplexing for DNA or RNA targets.

-*5 times concentrated DNA & RNA master mixes means higher sample utilization in each reaction.

Applications: Copy Number Variation, Oncology, Cell-free DNA, Gene Expression, Rare Mutation Detection

Roche data on file: DH_02365.01_031B_Digital_LightCycler_Reagent_Feasibility_Report_v3,

Document Number: 0000000000001200000501942

Product Specifications
3 Different nanowell plate configurations Plates offering 20,000, 28,000, and 100,000 partitions for different applications
6 advanced optical channels Enables high degree of multiplexing for DNA or RNA targets
5 times concentrated DNA & RNA Master Mix Offers greater sample volume input
Digital LightCycler System Workflow A connected system to track the sample through the workflow
Development software Import raw data into project files, input sample set up, undertake clustering/thresholding and then select analysis
Analysis package Create analysis package, save, and import into analyzer database for use in customized workflows
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