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Get an A+ in mRNA Extraction

Get an A+ in mRNA Extraction

Sera-Mag™ oligo (dT)-coated magnetic particles have very high, specific poly A+ binding capacity. They remove 90% or more of mRNA from total RNA with just one extraction in applications such as RT-PCR, cDNA library construction, cDNA microarrays, affinity purification, primer extension, and subtractive hybridization. 

• No exposed iron and minimized interference with downstream enzymatic applications

• Limited leaching from the particle surface

• Increased throughput and precision with faster movement through viscous solutions

• High surface area and excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility

• Customization available

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Product Specifications
Concentration 10mg/ml
Ligand Oligo (dT)
Magnetite Content 40%
Storage conditions 4 °C
Pack size 1