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Lipotype Shotgun Lipidomics: Get your lipid data in just 2 weeks

Lipotype Shotgun Lipidomics: Get your lipid data in just 2 weeks

Get lipidomes with ultra-broad coverage and utmost quality in full high-throughput mode with Lipotype. We offer comprehensive, quantitative lipid analysis services of clinical and biological samples to a wide range of customers and applications including pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, food industry, as well as academic researchers.

Customers and Applications

Biotech and pharma industry, clinical research:
Drug discovery (mode-of-action studies, target validation, effect of delivery system on lipid metabolism), biomarker identification (pharmacodynamic, pharmacokinetic, CDx), clinical screening and diagnostics

Food industry:
Intervention studies for development of functional food/nutraceuticals

Cosmetics and Dermatology:
Cosmetic claim support, topical drug development, development of personalized cosmetics

Academic research:
Lipid analysis of various model organisms

Ultra-broad coverage: “Global lipidomics”

The Lipotype Shotgun Lipidomics platform provides a broad coverage of membrane lipids, but also of storage lipids. Our analysis routinely covers 30 different lipid classes (e.g. TAG or PC) on the level of lipid species (e.g. TAG 54:0) or subspecies (e.g. PC 18:0/16:0, including the fatty acid information) – in total more than 2300 individual lipids. Moreover our platform allows for the analysis of various sample types – from organelles, microorganisms, cultured cells and blood plasma to tissues and organs: muscles, liver, brain, and many others.

Full high-throughput

Lipotype uses Shotgun Lipidomics Technology without time consuming chromatographic separation of lipids before analysis. We utilize the advantages of cutting-edge mass spectrometry, combined with automated sample extraction, processing and data analysis. In this way our exquisitely standardized platform allows the analysis of 200 plasma samples per day, offering unprecedented delivery time (weeks, instead of months) for complete results and associated reports.

Absolute quantification

The quantification is achieved using lipid class-specific internal standards allowing unbiased and direct quantitation of individual lipids directly from their mass spectra intensities. Therefore, we deliver results expressed in absolute and not in relative values, which provides the basis for a direct comparison of different samples and experiments.

Highest quality
Lipotype’s Shotgun Lipidomics Technology is highly robust and reproducible1. This performance is ensured by a rigorous quality control system. The high standards of Lipotype operations are based on years of research experience on the role of lipids in cellular processes and on the development of lipidomics technology according to industry requirements.

Innovative lipid identification: LipotypeXplorer

Lipotype uses proprietary software for lipid identification: LipotypeXplorer. With the molecular fragmentation query language it identifies lipids with high precision and without bias. LipotypeXplorer does not rely on predefined databases, which have to be curated and maintained and which might not be complete.

New level of data analysis: LipotypeZoom

LipotypeZoom empowers you to interpret your data. Lipidomes have an inherent structure (e.g. lipid classes and fatty acid saturation) that is accessed by multiple layers of dynamic aggregation. Your data can be viewed and downloaded in graphs, heat maps and principle component analysis plots.

Reasonable prices

Lipotype Shotgun Lipidomics is a high-throughput lipid analysis. The decreased processing time and increased sample numbers together with less material used turn into a cost advantage for you. We want you to profit from our innovation by offering reasonable prices that makes lipidomics an affordable tool in your research repertoire.

About Lipotype
Lipotype provides lipidomics analysis to help researchers from the biotech, pharma, food, cosmetics and dermatology industries as well as academia fuel their research. Its mass spectrometry-based lipidomics technology identifies and quantifies more than 4,200 individual lipids and works on a high-throughput scale but requires only minimal sample amounts.
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