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Monolith: Characterize Your Most Challenging Interactions

Monolith: Characterize Your Most Challenging Interactions

Knowing the strength of the interactions between key players will give you the insights you need to understand the details behind how biological systems work.

If you’re having difficulty studying challenging interactions that include membrane proteins, PROTACs, intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs), or RNA-based therapeutics, you’ll need Monolith to characterize them.

Learn why Monolith is the tool scientists rely on to measure the broadest range of binding affinities in-solution using very little sample:

  • Measure high and low affinities in the same instrument. Different projects have different demands. It’s inevitable that you’ll need to look at both weak and strong molecular interactions. With a broad sensitivity range, Monolith measures Kds varying from pM to mM, so you can tackle as many projects as you want.
  • Characterize binding events with very little sample. It’s not easy to prepare the large volumes of highly concentrated target and ligand required by ITC. With Monolith, you get a Kd in a fraction of the volume and concentration, leaving you with more sample for additional experiments.
  • Measure in solution, in close-to-native conditions. Immobilizing molecules in SPR assays often causes them to lose activity, and you’re left without results. Because Monolith measures in solution in most buffers, both binding partners are free to interact in their native conformation, you’ll finally get results.

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