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PerkinElmer Hyphenated Systems- Improved Analysis With Coupled Technologies

PerkinElmer Hyphenated Systems- Improved Analysis With Coupled Technologies

When analyzing complex mixtures, evolved gases or competitors’ products deformulation for their complete characterization, material engineering researchers are required to use multiple analytical techniques demanding different sample preparation processes and resulting into loss of lab time.

Accelerate your research with the PerkinElmer Hyphenation Solution, a TGA, IR and GC/MS modular and multi-modality system integrated in a single platform, managed by an electronic control panel, enabling the complete characterization of samples with minimized sample preparation process. With its automated functions, your research can benefit from lower maintenance costs. PerkinElmer Hyphenation Solution reveals sample information and insights that will provide your laboratory with a competitive advantage that is simply not available with single system analyses, while you can rely on a single partner - from installation to application support.

Whether you’re designing and developing safer batteries, improving battery performance and lifespan, or researching better ways to separate and reuse battery components, our trusted solutions help you achieve accurate results that much faster. Because when your lab runs smoothly, you have more time to concentrate on your science.

Good things happen when great technologies connect. Our hyphenated solutions couple two or more instruments to increase the power of analysis and save time by acquiring more information from a single run. Our TGA and STA systems, coupled with FT-IR, MS, or GC/MS systems, deliver the industry’s most complete line of advanced evolved gas analysis (EGA) platforms for materials characterization. Applications include identifying and quantitating components in batteries and polymers, determining leachables in packaging, identifying additives or contaminants, and more.

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