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See Diagnostics in a New Way

See Diagnostics in a New Way

The high-end genome analysis with the most comprehensive medical report

Today there are millions of patients suffering from wrongly or undiagnosed genetic diseases. WGS identifies nearly all changes in a patient’s DNA by sequencing the entire coding and non-coding regions of the genome. It provides detailed information on the thousands of genes involved in normal growth and development and all of the ‘silent’ genome regions simultaneously.

Existing research and diagnosis of genetic diseases have been heavily biased towards mutations in gene coding regions, but this is only 1% of a patient’s entire genome. Numerous clinical studies now exist which reveal the critical role of non-coding sequence variants in diseases.

WGS opens the door to greater research and diagnostic power for all genetic diseases.


Key benefits of whole genome sequencing (WGS):

  • One single test provides complete coverage of genetic information in exons, introns, non coding and regulatory regions
  • Validated sequencing with Illumina next-generation high-end technology
  • A single analysis with the highest sensitivity
  • Continuous workflow optimization, resulting in time and cost savings

Key applications of CentoGenome®

WGS opens the door to greater research and diagnostic power for complex genetic diseases:

  • Severe intellectual disability
  • Cancer, specifically somatic tumor mutations

CentoGenome® – Highest competency in WGS data interpretation

CENTOGENE, the pioneer in WGS data interpretation offers you the best clinical reporting service available:

  • Validated by highly experienced medical experts
  • Detailed assessment of clinical data
  • Clear clinical diagnostic report
  • Rapid turnaround time of < 25 working days