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The CLAM-2000 – A Fully Automated Sample Preparation System for LC/MS/MS

The CLAM-2000 – A Fully Automated Sample Preparation System for LC/MS/MS

The CLAM (Clinical Laboratory Automated sample preparation Module) has revolutionised the routine analysis of biological samples (blood, urine) using LC/MS/MS, as the first system to integrate automated sample pretreatment with a powerful mass spectrometry analyser. 

The push-button, walkaway solution delivers the freedom to parallel process routine and emergency samples, flexibility in automating new methods, increased productivity by shifting technicians to other tasks, and excellent assay repeatability even by inexperienced personnel. 

Sample preparation steps for the analysis of blood include the following:

Addition of internal standard


Centrifugal separation

Supernatant transfer

Injection to LC/MS/MS 

These steps are ordinarily completed manually, requiring training, practise and skill to minimise errors – with variation often observed between operators. The CLAM system effectively automates the full process – the operator simply inserts the blood tube, and presses the button to start. 

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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