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biomodal is focused on building technologies as research tools for life scientists and clinical developers. Their technology allows you to capture the 6-base genome and provide insight into the complexity and dynamism of cellular interactions. biomodal's platform works with your existing infrastructure, integrating a pre-sequencing workflow with post-sequencing informatics to generate highly accurate genetic and epigenetic data from a single sample in a single run.

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DNA double helix with 5mC and 5hmC methylation modifications indicated.
Industry Insight

Picking Apart the Epigenome To Advance Cancer Research

Both genetic and epigenetic sample information is required to get the full picture. Six-base genome sequencing enables this without need of multiple techniques, laborious downstream data processing or data loss, and cancer research is benefiting.
Cancer Research eBook cover

Cancer Research: Bridging Science and Clinical Practice

Through a selection of expert articles, insightful interviews and striking graphics, this eBook offers readers an overview of advances in cancer research.
A scientist holds a vial of blood in a gloved hand.

Advances in Liquid Biopsies: Improving Sensitivity and Earlier Detection

This article will focus on some of the advances currently being made in the field of liquid biopsy, from attempts to improve the sensitivity of tests, to using bodily fluids other than blood.
Reveal the power of the 6-base genome with duet multiomics solution evoC

Reveal the Power of the 6-Base Genome With duet multiomics solution evoC

Distinguish 5mC & 5hmC together with all 4 canonical bases to measure multiple modes of biology from a 5ng cfDNA sample in a single experiment. Identify new multimodal biomarkers to gain transformative insight into current & future states of disease.
Cancerous tissue

Retrieve More Information From Limited DNA

This poster highlights how this technology can provide accurate detection of genetic variants and variant-associated methylation in colorectal cancer samples.
The Landscape of Cancer Research: Advances in Immuno-oncology
Online Event

The Landscape of Cancer Research: Advances in Immuno-oncology 2024

Key advances will be highlighted across the field of immuno-oncology. Hear a cross-section of experts discuss their research with a focus on basic research and a broad range of established and novel immunotherapeutics.

Measuring Genetics and Epigenetics at Single-Base Resolution

This poster highlights a cutting-edge sequencing technology which can simultaneously resolve all four genetic bases alongside cytosine modification status.
Headshot of Dr. Joanne Mason sitting at a desk.
Industry Insight

Women in Science – A Conversation With Dr. Joanne Mason

In this interview, Dr. Mason tells us about her career path and experiences along the way, as well as sharing advice for women considering a career in science.
Biological insights into genetics

Simultaneous Measurement of Genetics and Epigenetics Enables New Biological Insight

There is more to DNA than A, C, G and T, epigenetics plays a causal role in cell fate, aging and disease development. Genetic and methylation data together on the same read allow us to get a more complete picture of genome biology. Constrained to measuring four states of information, existing NGS- based technologies sacrifice genetic for methylation calling.
Liquid Biopsy

Refining Liquid Biopsy: Generating More Information From Cell Free DNA

Liquid biopsy for profiling of cell free DNA (cfDNA) in blood holds huge promise to transform how we experience and manage cancer by early detection and identification of residual disease and subtype. However, a standard blood draw yields an average of only 10 ng of cfDNA, of which DNA derived from the tumor is a small minority.