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Cytiva, envision a world in which access to life-changing therapies transforms human health. With a rich heritage dating back hundreds of years, their wealth of technical expertise and talent, a broad and deep portfolio and exceptional service help researchers and biopharma advance therapeutics at every stage from discovery to delivery.

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App Note / Case Study

Accelerate Your Antibody Screening

In the quest for therapeutic or analytical antibodies, it is crucial to carefully select antibodies based on their kinetics, affinity, specificity and biophysical attributes. Antibody screening plays a pivotal role in identifying cell clones that generate antibodies suited to a specific purpose, often challenging these antibodies with a known antigen.
Sera Mag Oligo Bottle

Get an A+ in mRNA Extraction

Sera-Mag™ oligo (dT)-coated magnetic particles have very high, specific poly A+ binding capacity. They remove 90% or more of mRNA from total RNA with just one extraction in applications such as RT-PCR, cDNA library construction, cDNA microarrays, affinity purification, primer extension, and subtractive hybridization.
App Note / Case Study

How Syringe Filtration With Integrated Prefilter Technology Improves HPLC Performance and Throughput

In food safety, chemical manufacturing and environmental testing labs, the need to consistently generate high-quality data means that managers, scientists and technicians must ensure their instruments are performing optimally around the clock.
Powering Diagnostics at Scale

Powering Diagnostics at Scale

Each of your molecular or immunoassay development projects is unique. So, you need solutions tailored to your specific needs.
guide to magnetic beads
How To Guide

Your Guide to Magnetic Beads

While magnetic beads provide a faster and easier solution than more complex, conventional methods, sometimes off-the-shelf solutions do not always offer the specificity or binding capacity required.
biotherapeutic journey
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Five Tips on Navigating Your Biotherapeutic Journey

It is expected that within four to five years, biologics will comprise over half of the 100 top selling drugs on the market. However, the high cost and complexity of biotherapeutic development, as well as a dynamic regulatory landscape, still poses challenges to drug developers.
together in protein research

Together in Protein Research

Is curiosity your main driver? Do you aspire to be published in respected journals, to uncover a new pathway, or even a cure? These accomplishments require protein research that is relevant, reliable and reproducible.
Therapeutic Antibodies

A Translational Perspective – Biacore Systems in Discovery and Early-Stage Development

For a smooth molecule journey from benchtop to clinic you need to make the most informed candidate selection and reduce the risk of failure and complications during development. Our BiacoreTM systems support informed decision-making during the lead candidate selection process. Its technology delivers valuable insights into developability such as manufacturability and safety.
Protein Purification Strategies
How To Guide

The Latest Strategies for Protein Purification

This handbook presents the key aspects of chromatographic protein purification workflows. It provides practical insights for users, including tips to overcome common issues and ensure optimal yield from every run.
A System Management Guide to Protein Purification Chromatography
How To Guide

A Guide to Automated Protein Purification Systems

This handbook presents essential aspects of liquid chromatography systems and provides practical insights for users, including tips to overcome common issues and ensure successful protein purification workflows.