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Cytiva, envision a world in which access to life-changing therapies transforms human health. With a rich heritage dating back hundreds of years, their wealth of technical expertise and talent, a broad and deep portfolio and exceptional service help researchers and biopharma advance therapeutics at every stage from discovery to delivery.

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Drug Kinetics SPR

Optimize Your Affinity and Kinetics Data Analysis

Accurate kinetics and affinity data is essential for predicting the efficacy of novel therapeutics and for making quick decisions about weak candidates. However, analysis methods that require labelling can cause steric interference and influence data outcomes.
Western blotting

Your Guide to Western Blotting

Western blotting is one of the most widely used methods in the life science industry to detect and analyze proteins. The method is based on building an antibody-protein complex via the specific binding of antibodies to proteins immobilized on a membrane.
Future of Diagnostics

The Future of Diagnostics

While the industry was put front and center during the COVID-19 pandemic, diagnostics have always been critical in treating illnesses and managing health. Technological advances, innovative platforms, and decentralized test options are driving exciting developments and optimism across the diagnostics industry.
Cytvia Lateral Flow

Lateral Flow Assays: Test Development, Optimization and Troubleshooting

Join our webinar, hosted by Klaus Hochleitner, to discuss key considerations for lateral flow test development and optimization and troubleshooting techniques for different samples, tests and antibodies.
Cytiva webinar hosted by Technology Networks, being held on September 27, 2023

Lateral Flow Assays: Discover the Importance of the Nitrocellulose Membrane

The nitrocellulose membrane (NC) is the heart of a lateral flow assay. It is where the target and control molecules are captured and where the test results are read.
Join our webinar, hosted by Klaus Hochleitner, to take a deep dive into nitrocellulose membranes including the raw material, structure manufacturing process and capillary flow time and how these affect your lateral flow assays.
Klaus will also cover the effect of surfactants on protein binding and membrane properties and how to deal with unspecific binding of proteins to nitrocellulose membranes.
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Product News

Cytiva Launches System To Enable End-to-End Manufacturing of Lipid Nanoparticle Medicines

Cytiva has launched the NanoAssemblr commercial formulation system, purpose-built for clinical and commercial manufacturing of lipid nanoparticle medicines.
Lateral Flow Design

Considerations for Lateral Flow Design

Lateral flow immunoassays are rapid, convenient tests used to detect target analytes, such as macromolecules and proteins, in liquid samples. The nitrocellulose membrane is the heart of the lateral flow test.
The right magnetic bead for your application

Choose the Right Magnetic Beads for Your Application

Magnetic beads are a versatile tool for the effective isolation and separation of biomolecules. They can be coated with highly specific ligands that selectively bind to a desired target, enabling separation by chromatography using a magnetic field.
Cytiva webinar hosted by Technology Networks

The Future of Diagnostics: Advancements, Challenges and Opportunities

Advances in molecular and immunodiagnostics are enabling a personalized, high-precision approach to health in many clinical areas. But how will this continue to develop in the next five years?
In this webinar, our panel of industry experts will share insights on the molecular and immunodiagnostics market by looking at the external factors which will have the most significant impact in the next five years.
Our panel will also discuss the key challenges and opportunities facing the diagnostic industry and the developments that are likely to have the most impact on patients.
A scientist looks at a 6-well plate. Some of the wells have lots of growth, others have none.

New Discovery Stops Bacterial Virus Contamination

A simple material added to bacterial cultures can prevent contamination with bacteria-targeting viruses, according to a new study from the University of Warwick.