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Sartorius' ambition is to simplify medical progress, from the first idea of a new medication to its production. They support their customers with innovative technologies that make the development and manufacture of new therapeutics faster and more efficient, so that more people have access to better medicine.

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How Can You Let Your Diagnostic Target Analyte Shine?

The diagnostic industry is a crucial pillar of modern healthcare. It equips clinicians with vital tools and provides consumers with a range of at-home testing solutions. This whitepaper features industry experts in discussing the key challenges in diagnostics and how to tackle them.
Engaging in research is like participating in a high-stakes poker match.

Don't Gamble With Your Research: The Winning Hand of Label-Free Protein Characterization

Engaging in research is like participating in a high-stakes poker match. The potential reward? The discovery of the next blockbuster drug. The gamble? Risking billions on a molecule that doesn't pay off. In this game, the winning hand lies in the tools that can identify the most promising leads.
Determine Kinetics Earlier in the Drug Discovery Process
App Note / Case Study

Determine Kinetics Earlier in the Drug Discovery Process

This app note highlights how reliable kinetics and affinity for high-affinity interactions can be obtained from significantly less data than is commonly used.

CellCelector Flex - Single Cell, Colony or Organoid Selection and Retrieval

CellCelector is a fully automated cell imaging and picking system developed for the screening, detection, selection and isolation of single cells, clusters, spheroids and organoids, as well as single cell clones and adherent colonies.

Rapid and Accurate Cell Line Development
App Note / Case Study

Rapid and Accurate Cell Line Development

This app note highlights a platform that can reduce the time and resources required to successfully produce high quality clones with guaranteed monoclonal lineage.
Pipette tips containing green solution.
Product News

The New Picus® 2 Sets a New Standard for Connected Electronic Pipettes

The Life Science Group Sartorius introduces the Picus® 2 Electronic Pipette, the latest addition to its portfolio of electronic pipettes. With a combination of advanced connectivity and excellent performance, Picus® 2 sets a new standard.
The Advanced Flow Cytometry Handbook.
Product News

New Sartorius Digital Handbook Brings the Power of Advanced Flow Cytometry to Every Scientist

Sartorius, has released its first Advanced Flow Cytometry Handbook as a comprehensive digital guide to assays and workflows on the iQue® Advanced High Throughput Flow Cytometry Platform.

Automated Cell Selection and Retrieval Opens a Universe of Possibilities

Isolating single cells is crucial in various research fields such as rare-cell analysis, biologics discovery and stem cell research. However, the process of identifying and isolating productive single cells remains a significant challenge, partly due to resource-intensive and often ineffective techniques like limiting dilution.
A scientist pipetting in a lab.
Product News

Sartorius Forms Partnership With Sparta Biodiscovery on Novel Nanoparticle Analysis Platform

SPARTA technology to accelerate the development, manufacture and quality control of nanoparticles used for gene therapies, vaccines, and cancer drugs.

Real-Time Functional Characterization of Monoclonal Antibodies

Antibodies are ideal therapeutic biomolecules due to their ability to bind to a variety of targets with high affinity and specificity. Innovations in hybridoma and phage display technologies have enabled drug developers to exploit the natural diversity in antibodies, leading to the wide use of monoclonal antibodies.