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Anticancer Therapies – News and Features

Two cytotoxic T cells attack a cancer cell.

Stem Cell-Derived Therapy Shows Early Promise for Resistant Liver Cancer

An innovative new stem cell-derived therapy could be used to better target and treat the most common form of liver cancer.
A person massages their sore wrist.

Tool Predicts Nerve Damage From Cancer Treatment

Many women treated for breast cancer using taxanes, a type of cytostatic drug, often experience side effects in the nervous system. Researchers have now developed a tool that can predict the risk level for each individual.
A person undergoing intravenous therapy

Potential Therapeutic Target Could Boost Pancreatic Cancer Chemotherapy and Reduce Spread

A research team has discovered that nidogen-2 reduces the dense scaffolding tissue within pancreatic tumors, which is a major barrier to treatment and contributes to the cancer’s well-known chemotherapy resistance.
A gloved hand holds a syringe filled with yellow liquid.

World-First CAR T-Cell Therapy for Child With Lupus

CAR T-cell therapy has been used for the first time to treat lupus in a child, restoring the patient's ability to live a normal life.
A white mouse held in a gloved hand.

Researchers Create First Mouse Model With a Functioning Human Immune System

A breakthrough for biomedical research promises new insight into immunotherapy development and disease modeling.
A patient in a hospital gown receives treatment through an IV.

AI Model Can Select Treatments To Help Improve Cancer Therapy Responses

A new artificial intelligence tool that can help to select the most suitable treatment for cancer patients has been developed by researchers at The Australian National University.
A person with an IV in their hand.

Tissue Stiffness Can Impact Pancreatic Cancer Resistance to Chemotherapy

Researchers have demonstrated that conditions in the matrix surrounding pancreatic cancer cells impact whether those cells respond to chemotherapy.
Orange and white pills spill from a prescription bottle.

Epilepsy Drug May Keep Stomach Cancer Chemotherapy Working for Longer

A drug currently used to treat epilepsy re-sensitized stomach cancers to chemotherapy in a preclinical study.
A DNA double helix.

Potential Cancer-Driving Mutations Identified Hidden in “Junk DNA”

Researchers have used AI to unearth potential cancer drivers hidden in so-called "junk" regions of DNA, opening the door for a new approach to diagnosis and treatment.
An older mother and daughter hold hands while smiling.

Drugs Targeting “Zombie” Cells May Benefit Some Older Women, but Not All

Senescent cells can't divide but can drive chronic inflammation and tissue dysfunction linked to aging and chronic diseases. In a new trial, treatment with intermittent senolytic treatment had beneficial effects on bone formation.