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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – News and Features

A forensic scientist observes a crime scene.

Universal Microbial Network Breaks Down Human Flesh

Technology Networks spoke to the research team behind the discovery of a network of microbes that appear to drive the decomposition of animal flesh to learn more about how the finding could help in modulating decomposition processes.
A thin electronic sensor on a gloved finger.

New “Smart Bandages” Have Potential to Revolutionize the Treatment of Chronic Wounds

"Smart bandages" that can automatically sense and respond to changes in a wound could revolutionize chronic wound treatment, including diabetic ulcers and surgical wounds.
Cancer cells.

3D Technique Identifies Pancreatic Lesions Before They Become Cancerous

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center’s Sol Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Research Center have developed a 3D genomic profiling technique to identify small precancerous lesions in the pancreas.
AI written on a computer chip.

AI Can Design Personalized Cancer Treatments To Help Prevent Relapse, Study Finds

University of Oxford researchers have leveraged the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to develop personalised cancer treatments which could be more effective at preventing patient relapse.
An arial view of fields.

New AI Software Can Predict Crop Growth From One Image

A newly developed software can simulate the growth of field crops based on a single image, supporting farmers in decision making.
An abstract image of the brain.

Brain Imaging Identifies Six Subtypes of Depression

Stanford Medicine scientists have identified six “biotypes” of depression by using machine learning to group depressed patients’ brain images.
Roast chicken.

High-Protein Diet Leads to Weight Loss in Mice

New research has illustrated that a high-protein diet can result in weight loss and changes to the gut microbiome in mice.
A map showing where a hurricane will hit.

New MIT Climate Model Uses Machine Learning To Make Better Local Predictions

A new climate model can predict the effects of climate change at smaller scales, such as the size of a city.
An old person holds their hands in their lap.

Multiomics Approach Identifies Four Distinct Molecular Profiles of Alzheimer’s

A multiomics approach has identified four distinct molecular profiles of Alzheimer's, one of which was associated with worse cognitive function.
A puzzle that spells the word autism.

Brain Cell Overgrowth Before Birth Associated With Autism Severity

Brain organoids derived from toddlers with autism spectrum disorder suggest that subtypes of the condition may have in utero origins. That's according to a new study from researchers at the University of California San Diego, led by Dr. Alysson R. Muotri.