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Behavioral Neuroscience – News and Features

A close up of a treasure map.

Thinking About a Location Activates Mental Maps in the Brain

MIT neuroscientists have found that the brain uses the same cognitive representations whether navigating through space physically or mentally.
Successful garbage sorting by an intelligent robot tactile system.

Trash-Sorting Robot Mimics Complex Human Sense of Touch

In Applied Physics Reviews, by AIP Publishing, researchers from Tsinghua University worked to break through the difficulties of robotic recognition of various common, yet complex, items.
A girl sitting on a chair looking out a window.

Depression and Memory Are Closely Interrelated, Study of 8,268 People Finds

Depressive symptoms are linked to subsequent memory decline in older people, while poorer memory is also linked to an increase in depressive symptoms later on, according to a new study led by researchers at UCL and Brighton and Sussex Medical School.
Someone scratching their skin.

Eczema Drug May Provide Relief for Other Itchy Skin Diseases

A drug approved to treat eczema provided significant improvement in the symptoms of patients with severe itching diseases that currently have no targeted treatments, according to a new study published in JAMA Dermatology.
Three red and white mushroom.

Interest in Potentially Harmful “Magic Mushroom” May Endanger Public Health

Interest in a potentially harmful "magic mushroom" is skyrocketing. Amanita muscaria is being marketed as having similar health benefits to psilocybin, despite being completely different.
A vaccine vial.

Symptoms Following a COVID-19 Vaccination Indicate a Supercharged Immune Response

A new study, led by UC San Francisco, has found that COVID vaccine side effects symptoms indicate a robust immune response that is likely to lessen the chances of infection.
Neural networks of the human brain; a 3D illustration.

Huntington’s Disease Impacts Brain Blood Vessels Even Before Symptoms Appear

The genetic disease Huntington’s not only affects nerve cells in the brain but also has widespread effects on microscopic blood vessels according to research.
Neural connections.

Chilled Brain Molecules Unravel Epilepsy Drug’s Mechanism

Scientists at Johns Hopkins Medicine say they have determined how a widely-used epilepsy drug works to dampen the excitability of brain cells and help to control, although not cure, seizures.
A looking glass held over female reproductive organs.

Menstrual Cycle Health: What’s the Latest Research?

Dating back to ancient Greek culture, where the word “menstruation” is derived from the Latin and Greek word for moon – mene, the complexity of the menstrual cycle, and its impact on women’s health, has captivated researchers for centuries.

Cellular Origami Allows a Tiny Predator To Display Complex Behavior

Combining a deep curiosity and “recreational biology,” Stanford researchers have discovered how a simple cell produces remarkably complex behavior, all without a nervous system. It’s origami, they say.