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Biomarkers – News and Features

Female scientist tapping on a digital tablet performing pharmaceutical industry research and data analysis
Industry Insight

Collaborative AI Partnership Hopes To Shape the Future of Drug Discovery

Sanofi, Formation Bio and OpenAI are collaborating to build AI-powered software to accelerate drug development. The three teams will combine data, software and tuned models to develop custom, purpose-built solutions for drug discovery.
Virus particles.

This RNA Virus Lurks in Human Parasites

A new RNA virus has been discovered hitching a ride with the common human parasite, Toxoplasmosa gondii .
A bowl of Mediterranean food.

Mediterranean Diet Linked to Lower Mortality Risk in Women

Investigators from Brigham and Women’s Hospital identified and assessed underlying mechanisms that may explain the Mediterranean diet’s 23 percent reduction in all-cause mortality risk for American women.
A plastic model of a human heart on a silver stand.

Reversing Rapid Cell Aging May Be Possible by Introducing Heart-Healthy Behaviors

Heart-healthy behaviors may also have a positive impact on biological aging, reports a new study.
Cancer cells.

Neglected Lipid May Play Role in Aggressive Cancers

Scientists at Sanford Burnham Prebys and Vanderbilt University uncover a new role for a neglected lipid that may play a role in aggressive cancers.
B cells segregating specific antibodies to mark and subsequently destroy a virus

Metabolic Inhibition Offers a New Approach To Combat Epstein-Barr Virus

Inhibiting a specific metabolic pathway in EBV-infected B cells can diminish infection and reduce the risk of downstream disease. A class of “failed” inhibitor drugs may now receive a second chance in applications aimed at dampening EBV infection.
Dr. Sangeeta Goswami stands at a lab bench,

Pioneering Immuno-Oncology Through a Love of Science

This article profiles Dr. Sangeeta Goswami, a physician-scientist who is at the forefront of immunotherapy research and champions young doctors, especially women, eager to pursue similar paths.
A girl sitting on a chair looking out a window.

PTSD and Depression Have Shared and Distinct Brain Molecular Dysregulations

McLean Hospital researchers uncovered both shared and distinct molecular changes across brain regions, genomic layers, cell types and blood in individuals with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and major depressive disorder (MDD).
Doctor with an anatomical model of the cervix, uterus and ovaries

HPV Test Intervals Could Be Safely Extended, Say Cervical Cancer Researchers

HPV testing eight years after a negative result instead of the recommended five is comparable to testing three years after a negative cytology screening. These findings could be used to better inform updated screening guidelines.

Clinical Trial Offers Promising Results for Alzheimer’s

A team evaluated a new drug for enhancing the brain’s resilience to changes driven by Alzheimer’s, showing promising results for patients with mild to moderate forms of the disease in its first human trial.