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Cancer Genetics – Multimedia

Key Developments in Cancer Immunotherapy Over the Last Decade content piece image

Key Developments in Cancer Immunotherapy Over the Last Decade

Download this list to explore current immunotherapeutic strategies, recent regulatory approvals and the future of cancer therapy.
Highly Sensitive Methylation Detection content piece image
App Note / Case Study

Highly Sensitive Methylation Detection

DNA methylation plays an important role in cell growth by regulating gene expression. Download this tech note to discover a solution that enables highly sensitive methylation detection, reduces hands-on time and is suitable for a wide variety of research.
Genetics 101  content piece image

Genetics 101

What is a genome, and how are traits passed from generation to generation? Learn how pea plants helped launch the study of genetics and how the field of genetics research has evolved over time.
4 Ways That the Cloud is Changing Research content piece image

4 Ways That the Cloud is Changing Research

Cloud-based informatics solutions have become an integral part of research. The cloud is everywhere these days, and every new informatics tool seems to have some cloud feature or function. But what does this actually mean for researchers? With this handy list, you’ll find that the answer is “quite a lot”, as we explore four key ways in which the cloud has changed research.
TSE Explores Cancer Research – Cancer Genetics content piece image

TSE Explores Cancer Research – Cancer Genetics

In this episode we will be speaking with Dr Clare Turnbull from The Institute of Cancer Research about the genetics of cancer.
Top 5 Non-COVID-19 Stories of 2020 From Microbiology content piece image

Top 5 Non-COVID-19 Stories of 2020 From Microbiology

In the field of microbiology, COVID-19 has very much stolen the show this year. However, despite media attention and resources being poured into understanding and combatting SARS-CoV-2, there have still been some exciting developments in microbiology. In this list we take a look at five of the most read non-COVID-19 microbiology news stories of 2020.
App Note / Case Study

Detecting Hypermethylated Circulating Tumor DNA Using Digital PCR

Download this Application Note to learn more about DNA methylation in regards to tumour formations, and how it's presence can be utilized for early diagnosis in patients.
App Note / Case Study

Analysis of Five Nitrosamine Impurities in Drug Products and Drug Substances Using Agilent GC-MS/MS Instrumentation

In this app note, discover a comprehensive solution for trace-level determination and estimation of nitrosamine impurities in sartan drug products.
Vaping News Roundup 2019 content piece image

Vaping News Roundup 2019

How safe are the ingredients in e-cigarettes? Here we highlight some of the studies exploring e-cigarette safety, published during 2019.
App Note / Case Study

Reliably Quantify Genotoxic Impurities in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Download this application note to find out why HPLC-UV is the most suitable method for accurate and reliable quantitation of genotoxic impurities in the drug manufacturing process.