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Clinical Omics – News and Features

A father and a mother photographed with their young daughter.

Major Study Diagnoses 5,500 People With Rare Genetic Diseases

Around 5,500 people with severe developmental disorders now know the genetic cause of their condition, thanks to a major nationwide study which will help improve diagnosis across the world.
Clear glass vials filled with a colourless liquid sit on a conveyor belt.

Applications of Mass Spectrometry in Biopharmaceutical Analysis

This article will review the latest applications of mass spectrometry-based techniques across the stages of biopharmaceutical development and testing.
Four different types of pharmaceutical drugs.

New Method Developed To Monitor Antidepressants in Patients

A team of biomedical engineers has been working to make LC-MS/MS sample preparation simpler and much more automated, a key ingredient to the technique being widely adopted by clinicians.
Representation of DNA and protein molecules.
Industry Insight

Using Library-Based Approaches To Increase Depth and Accuracy of Proteome Profiling

This article discusses how library-based approaches in quantitative proteomics can increase the sensitivity and accuracy of such detection systems.
Digital art showing three researchers looking at different parts of the genome.

Genotype-First Approach Uncovers New Links to Genetic Conditions

Researchers have published an assessment of 13 studies that took a genotype-first approach to patient care that contrasts with the typical phenotype-first approach to clinical research, which starts with clinical findings.
A graphical recreation of a human hologram from the shoulders upwards.

Multiomics – A Multi-Layered Answer to Multi-Layered Questions

Featuring expert insights, this article will reflect on recent progress in the multiomics research space, exploring workflow developments, technologies and applications.
An image of a blood draw.

Detecting Cancer From a Droplet of Blood

A new version of the Human Protein Atlas has been released, featuring the Human Disease Blood Atlas, a pan-cancer strategy that depicts proteome signatures for specific types of cancer. The atlas was created using next-generation proteome profiling methods, and offers enthusiasm for the future of the clinical proteomics field.
Mark a Course for the Future – Biomarkers in Cancer Immunotherapy  content piece image

Mark a Course for the Future – Biomarkers in Cancer Immunotherapy

Here we explore how biomarkers are driving the immuno-oncology landscape. We dive into cutting-edge biomarker research and the challenges facing the field.
Treatment Outcome and Resistance Markers Identified in Triple Negative Breast Cancer content piece image

Treatment Outcome and Resistance Markers Identified in Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Researchers have identified biological markers in triple-negative breast cancer that are associated with resistance to chemotherapy treatment.
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GC-MS Principle, Instrument and Analyses and GC-MS/MS

Gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC-MS) is an important technique in the analytical chemist's armory. In this article we explore how GC-MS and GC-MS/MS work, what they can tell us, their strengths, weaknesses and applications.