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Proteins in the Blood of COVID-19 Patients Could Help To Predict How Ill They Will Become

Researchers have found 27 potential biomarkers that are present in different levels in patients with COVID-19, depending on the severity of their symptoms. The markers could help doctors to predict how ill a patient will become and provide scientists with new targets for drug development.
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Developing the World's First Single Molecule Protein Sequencer

Jagannath Swaminathan is the co-founder of Erisyon and a researcher at the Marcotte Lab at the University of Texas Austin. In this interview, we discuss the concept of next-generation protein sequencing, clinical proteomics and the critical role of protein sequencing in the fight against COVID-19.
Companion Diagnostic Will Support NSCLC Clinical Trials  content piece image
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Companion Diagnostic Will Support NSCLC Clinical Trials

To learn more about some of the ways that companion diagnostics can benefit oncology patients, Technology Networks spoke to Dr Luca Quagliata, Global Director of Medical Affairs for Clinical NGS and Oncology at Thermo Fisher Scientific.
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Scale and Speed in Proteomics Data Processing

Targeted proteomics start-up ProteiQ Biosciences recently announced the launch of InfineQ, its cloud-based solution software for near real-time processing of proteomics data. Technology Networks spoke with Arnoud Groen, CSO and co-founder of ProteiQ, to learn more about the solution and how it provides the scale and speed required for biomarker discovery.

Blood Test Detects More Than 50 Cancer Types, Often Before Symptoms Present

Scientists have developed the first blood test that can accurately detect more than 50 different types of cancer. It can also identify in which tissue the cancer originated, often before any clinical signs or symptoms of the disease present.
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Advancing ALS Research With Omics Analysis Technology

Clinical trials produce a massive amount of medically relevant and highly sensitive data. Leveraging such data could make a difference to efforts to create more personalized, effective medicines. We talked to Medidata’s Sheila Diamond to find out more.

Automated CT Scan Analysis Outperforms Current Methods

Researchers at the National Institutes of Health and the University of Wisconsin have demonstrated that using artificial intelligence to analyze CT scans can produce more accurate risk assessment for major cardiovascular events than current, standard methods such as the Framingham risk score (FRS) and body-mass index (BMI).
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Will the Potential of Proteomics Be Realized in 2020?

Technology Networks recently spoke with Stephen Williams, CMO at biotechnology company SomaLogic, to learn more about research progress in the proteomics space and the technology that has enabled it.
Gene Catalog of Microbes That Call the Vagina Home  content piece image

Gene Catalog of Microbes That Call the Vagina Home

Researchers from the University of Maryland School of Medicine’s (UMSOM) Institute for Genome Sciences (IGS) have created VIRGO (human vaginal non-redundant gene catalog): the first genomic catalog of the vaginal microbiome.
Proteomics, "Zombie" Cells and Clinical Biomarkers of Aging  content piece image

Proteomics, "Zombie" Cells and Clinical Biomarkers of Aging

In a new study scientists have harnessed advances in proteomics to extensively profile the secretions of senescent cells which are implicated in aging. Their analyses are collated in a database that is now available for researchers in the field.