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ELISA – News and Features

A person applying cream to their hand.

Common Polymer Found in Cosmetics Could Reduce Drug Effectiveness

A study of 500 health people has found that antibodies can develop against polyethylene glycol (PEG), a substance used in cosmetics, food and medicine, which might hinder the effectiveness of drugs.
Graphical representation of the human liver surrounded by antibodies.

Autoantibody Detection for the Differentiation of Autoimmune Liver Diseases

This article explores the importance of testing for liver-related autoantibodies to differentiate between three autoimmune liver diseases.
Cancer cells.

Targeting Iron Could Lead to New Anti-Cancer Drugs

Researchers discovered a new class of iron-targeting compounds that hamper the proliferation of cultured malignant cells in a laboratory setting. The new molecules exploit the iron dependency of malignant cells.
An abstract image depicting sound waves.

Hearing Loss Restored in Mice Using Gene “Switch”

Researchers reversed hearing loss in mice by restoring the function of a defective gene. The proof-of-concept study suggests that some types of hearing loss caused by reduced gene activity could be reversible.
A series of brain scans on a black background.

Tau-Based Imaging Technique Is Superior Predictor of Alzheimer's-Linked Cognitive Decline

Early diagnosis is likely to be essential in treating Alzheimer's disease. A team has demonstrated that tau PET - a novel imaging technique for visualizing the tau protein - can predict cognitive decline in patients much better than the imaging techniques normally used.
Algae bloom on water.

Toxicity of Lake Erie Algal Bloom Varies Over Summer

New study suggests harmful algal bloom toxicity varies over the summer.
A cluster of mussels attached to a rock.

Mussels Inspire Wastewater Innovation That's a Win for Sustainability and Industry

A new nanoporous membrane allows highly efficient separation of wastewater components for reuse, offering industries sustainability and added-value benefits.
Wilms' tumor.

Tumor Metabolism Atlas Sheds Light on How Tumors Function

An atlas that catalogues gene activity and the levels of small molecules called metabolites in tumor samples offers a new way of identifying the deep mechanisms of cancer.
A woman using a mobile phone.

Brain Imaging Study Explores What Makes Some News Go Viral

Study suggests that social media users are likely to share posts that contain information that they feel is relevant to themselves or to the people they know.
Overhead shot of sliced and diced tomatoes, olives, herbs and cubed cheese with two small bowls of olive oil.

Mediterranean Diet’s Effects Demystified at the Cellular Level

Researchers have found one of the first cellular connections between healthy fats — known as monounsaturated fatty acids — and lifespan in laboratory worms. The finding hints at a complex relationship between diet, fats and longevity.