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Infectious Diseases – Multimedia

Sample tubes are placed into a PCR instrument.
How To Guide

Top Tips for Consistent qPCR

Quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) has become a staple of molecular biology laboratories worldwide. Download this guide to learn more about designing qPCR experiments, endogenous, negative and positive controls, and ensuring good data quality.
A finger reaching down to touch a young child's ear.

Treating Earaches With Nanoparticles That Generate Antiseptic on Demand

Ear infections are a common childhood ailment, but the rise of antibiotic resistance has scientists looking for alternative treatments. Researchers developed a new kind of earache treatment that exploits a chemical produced by the infectious bacteria.

Solutions for Vaccine Development

This eBook highlights ways that you can level up your vaccine research with selected bioreactor tools to fit your vaccine development workflow.
The Evolution of Wastewater-Based Epidemiology

The Evolution of Wastewater-Based Epidemiology

For over 150 years, wastewater has provided a rich source of data for tracking infectious diseases and informing public health decisions. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the scope for wastewater-based epidemiology (WBE) has increased significantly and requires increasingly rapid, versatile and accurate detection methods to monitor the spread of disease.
Bit.bio Microglia Neurodegeneration

Functional, Reprogrammed Microglia To Study Neurodegeneration

Microglia play key roles in neurogenesis, synaptic remodeling, and are the first responders to infection in the brain. Hence, disease-relevant cell models are key to the success of neuroimmune and neurodegeneration research.
Tumor with blood vessels.

The Reason Why Cancer Is So Hard To Beat

An undead city under siege, soldiers and police ruthlessly shooting down waves of zombies that flood from infected streets, trying to escape and infect more cities. This is what happens when your body fights cancer.
qPCR for pathogen identification with Applied Biosystems QuantStudio Real-Time PCR systems

qPCR for pathogen identification with Applied Biosystems QuantStudio Real-Time PCR systems

Dr. Lauren Bates uses qPCR for pathogen identification and depends on Applied Biosystems QuantStudio Real-Time PCR systems and reagents to achieve optimal results with quick response times. Learn how Thermo Fisher Scientific empowers Dr. Lauren Bates and her team to take charge of disease identification and improve the lives of those we love.
Immune Profiling for Disease

Precise Spatial Immune Profiling of PBMCs

This poster discusses the use of ChipCytometry, a modified approach to slide-based cytometry, which is a novel, highly multiplexed technology that preserves both plex and spatial context to deeply profile immune cell diversity at single-cell resolution.
NGS Panels Customized for Any Application content piece image
App Note / Case Study

NGS Panels Customized for Any Application

Target enrichment allows researchers to selectively capture, sequence and study specific genes or genomic regions. Carefully designed target enrichment probes that hybridize with high specificity and coverage are essential to ensuring workflow efficiency and data quality.
A close-up of some cranberries.

Cranberry Products Can Prevent UTIs, Review Suggests

A new, large-scale review study suggests there is scientific evidence supporting the use of cranberry products for urinary tract infections (UTIs).