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Liquid Biopsies – News and Features

A scientist places blood test tubes in a rack.

Colorectal Cancer Blood Test Is 83% Accurate

A blood test that screens for circulating tumor DNA in people with an average risk for colorectal cancer is 83% accurate at detecting the disease, reports a new study.
Male doctor speaking to a male patient.

Clearer Diagnostics, Improved Chances: The Big-Picture Impacts of Improved Cancer Diagnostic Testing

Explore how innovations in the cancer diagnostic space, particularly those focusing on simple but effective diagnostic methodologies, could make cancer screening and early detection more straightforward, improving access and outcomes for patients.
Cancer cells adhered to a surface.

Cell-to-Cell Communication in Cancer

We typically think of a cancerous tumor as a bunch of abnormal cells gone rogue, but the situation is more complicated. This article will explore cell-to-cell communication’s role in cancer development, its influence on metastasis and how research is expanding our knowledge of the disease.
An individual having a blood test.

Novel Blood Test Can Distinguish Subtype of Advanced Prostate Cancer

Blood test uses cell-free DNA methylation to quantify tumor burden and distinguish neuroendocrine prostate cancer from prostate adenocarcinoma.
A clinician draws liquid from a vial into a syringe.

Vaccine May Delay Relapse for Some Pancreas and Colon Cancers

A vaccine has shown the potential to prevent the relapse of KRAS-mutated pancreatic and colorectal cancers in a phase I trial.
A plastic model of a kidney held in a person's hand.

New Markers for Identifying Acute Kidney Injury Discovered

Progress in the search for biomarkers to help predict, manage and assess treatment of acute kidney injury has been reported by researchers.
Blue and green DNA double helices on a purple background.
Industry Insight

Increasing Widespread Accessibility of Molecular Testing for Oncology Research

Bio-Rad's Jeremiah McDole explores the benefits of bringing molecular testing in-house and how ddPCR technology can be applied in oncology workflows.
Vials of blood for testing, carried by a clinician.

Liquid Biopsy Helps Predict Response to Immunotherapy in Lung Cancer Patients

Using a liquid biopsy to detect circulating tumor DNA and analyze immune cells helps to predict patient response to immunotherapy in lung cancer patients.
A scientist in a facemask and shield, backlit by a surgical light, pipettes yellow-pink liquid into a vial.

Liquid Biopsy of Lymph Fluid Could Guide Treatment for Head and Neck Cancer

Lymphatic fluid from surgical drains is usually thrown away, but researchers have discovered that it contains a biomarker that can guide head and neck cancer treatment.
The tumor cancer microenvironment.

Hodgkin Lymphoma Prognosis Tracked With Circulating Tumor DNA

Circulating tumor DNA predicts recurrence and splits disease into two subgroups in Stanford Medicine-led study of Hodgkin lymphoma. New drug targets or changes in treatments may reduce toxicity.