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Liquid Biopsies – News and Features

DNA double helix unravelling.

Synthetic DNA Advances Will Catalyze the Next Wave of Biotherapeutic Innovation

This article explores how biopharmaceutical organizations seeking to remain competitive must adopt innovations, like cell-free long DNA synthesis, to unleash the potential of synthetic biology and accelerate therapeutic development across all facets of genetic medicine.

A silver-gray strand of DNA.

Efficacy and Efficiency of CRISPR Diagnostic Technology Improved

By leveraging a unique, competitive reaction between two different crRNAs, researchers simplify CRISPR technology, making it a more effective tool for sensitive nucleic acid detection.
Double helix structure of DNA.

New Method for Prenatal Genetic Testing Developed

Researchers developed a non-invasive genetic test that can screen the blood of pregnant individuals to survey all genes from the fetal genome. The blood test approach is potentially scalable.
Two vials containing blood.

Cancer Blood Tests Can Jumpstart Diagnoses and Targeted Therapy

Blood tests for circulating tumor DNA could be used to detect cancer 18 months prior to clinical diagnosis by CT scan, jumpstarting diagnosis and enabling patients to start targeted therapy quickly.
AI written on a computer chip.

Artificial Intelligence Predicts Treatment Outcome in Ovarian Cancer Patients

A model based on artificial intelligence is able to predict the therapy outcome in 80% of ovarian cancer patients. The tool, named IRON (Integrated Radiogenomics for Ovarian Neoadjuvant therapy), analyzes various patient clinical features.
Blue DNA double helix on a blue and yellow background.

Answers to Unsolved Rare Disease Mysteries May Be on the Horizon

In this opinion piece, Neil Ward explores how advances in sequencing could help to provide new insights for rare disease patients.

Vials of blood from liquid biopsies.

Liquid Biopsy Improves Cancer Detection in Li-Fraumeni Syndrome Patients

A liquid biopsy that identifies cell-free DNA as a marker of cancer could improve cancer detection in patients with Li-Fraumeni syndrome, which carries an almost 100 percent lifetime risk of developing cancer.
A human eye.

Diabetes Can Age the Eye by 30 Years, Finds Protein Study

A team of scientists at Stanford University has taken a look inside the human eye with a new level of detail by using cutting-edge molecular analysis.
Clinical laboratory worker handling test tubes containing blood.

Association for Molecular Pathology Publishes Best Practice Recommendations for Liquid Biopsy Assay Validations

The Association for Molecular Pathology has published a set of 13 best practice recommendations for validating and reporting clinical circulating tumor DNA or liquid biopsy assays and their related scientific publications.
Ovarian cancer tumor microenvironment.

New Blood Test Detects Early-Stage Ovarian Cancer

A new study on human tissue and plasma shows the blood test may distinguish between cancerous and benign pelvic masses with up to 91% accuracy, surpassing other commercially available tests.