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Liquid Biopsies – News and Features

A person taking a blood sample.

Blood Test for Tumor DNA Targets Multiple Markers To Detect Cancer Early

Researchers have developed a way to simultaneously measure different characteristics of circulating tumour DNA, to detect and localise multiple cancer types at an early stage.
Schematic diagram depicting the method of dual-ratio diffuse in vivo flow cytometry.

New Non-Invasive Method Detects Circulating Tumor Cells in Blood

Researchers have developed a technique called diffuse in-vivo flow cytometry (DiFC) to detect and count the number of circulating tumor cells.
nanowires detecting DNA.

Nanowires Capture Cancer DNA in Urine and Detect Brain Tumor Mutation

A group has developed a technology to capture and release cell-free DNA on nanowire surfaces from urine. By extracting this DNA, they were able to successfully detect IDH1 mutation, a characteristic genetic mutation of gliomas, a type of brain tumor.
Blue cells.

Cellular Insights: How Researchers Are Using Cell Models To Study the Mechanisms of Disease

This article will discuss how cell models are enabling researchers to elucidate the underlying biological mechanisms of disease to support diagnostic and therapeutic development.
Three test tubes on a blue background.

Specific Methylation Patterns Unique to Each Tissue Identified

In a new study, the team developed a comprehensive and high-resolution methylation atlas based on a vast dataset of 521 noncancerous tissue samples representing 29 major types of human tissues.
An illustration of a human liver.

Genetic Marker Linked to Drug-Resistant Liver Cancer

This marker could help identify patients who need different treatments for hepatocellular carcinoma.
An elderly woman's hands.

Novel Biomarker Identified for Aging and Chronic Inflammation

High levels of cell free DNA in blood is linked to chronic inflammation, a known risk factor for severe aging symptoms and frailty in older adults.
A strand of DNA overlaid with red fluid.

New Sequencing Method May Enable Earlier Cancer Detection

Researchers have developed a technique that allows for scientists to profile DNA and clearly identify 5-methylcytosine without damaging the sample.
A purple-gloved hand holding two blood test tubes.

Liquid Biopsy Predicts Early Disease Progression in Breast Cancer Patients

A liquid biopsy that measures DNA methylation has predicted early disease progression and potential survival in breast cancer patients.
Gloved hand holding two tubes of blood in a laboratory.

Novel Liquid Biopsy Detects ctDNA in 30% More Patients With Pancreatic Cancer

Researchers report on the development of a novel ctDNA-based liquid biopsy approach, Aneuploidy in Circulating Tumor DNA (ACT-Discover), that identifies subclonal copy number alterations in pancreatic cancer evolution.