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Personalized Medicine – News and Features

Cancer cells.

Pancreatic Cancer Cells Differ by Location and May Inform Targeted Treatments

A new study has found that pancreatic cancer cells are different based on their location in the pancreas, providing new information about tumors that could lead to better targeted treatments.
A blood pressure monitor around someone's arm.

100 New Genomic Regions Linked to Blood Pressure

One of the largest genomics studies into blood pressure has revealed 100 new regions of the genome that influence blood pressure.
A scientist holds a vial of blood in a gloved hand.

Advances in Liquid Biopsies: Improving Sensitivity and Earlier Detection

This article will focus on some of the advances currently being made in the field of liquid biopsy, from attempts to improve the sensitivity of tests, to using bodily fluids other than blood.
Gloved hand of a lab worker holding four test tubes of blood.

Extended Blood Typing Needed for Improving Transfusion Safety

Explore how high-throughput DNA-based genotyping can offer a cost-effective way to screen extended blood types.
The moon surrounded by darkness.

Correlation Between Menstrual Cycle and Lunar Phases Identified

Though often dismissed as a notion unsupported by science, a study from researchers at the University of Lyon has revealed a small yet significant correlation between the length of the menstrual cycle and lunar phases.
Dr. Khadijah A. Mitchell

Cancer Research, Mentorship and Confidence in Your Competence With Dr. Khadijah A. Mitchell

Cancer researcher Dr. Khadijah A. Mitchell reflects on her journey into studying health disparities, touches on the importance of mentorship and shares some inspiring advice for women and girls considering a career in STEMM.
Red blood cells in a blood vessel.

Novel Cell Type in Blood Vessels Found Responsible for Vascular Growth

The discovery of a new cell type responsible for vascular growth could allow for novel treatment strategies for some cardiovascular disease.
Vitamin A-containing foods.

Vitamin A and Human Health: What’s the Latest Research?

Here, we highlight some of the latest advancements in vitamin A research working to address its effects on human health.
Double helix structure of DNA.

Unlocking the Power of CRISPR Against RNA Viruses

Scientists have devised a new molecular tool that allows CRISPR RNA molecules that are located within the nucleus of a cell to move to the cytoplasm, making it highly effective at neutralizing RNA viruses.
A doctor sitting with a patient.

New Treatment Approach for Hard-To-Treat Cancers Shows Promise

Today, Logan Jenner is a healthy, happy 8-year-old who jumps tirelessly on his trampoline, dreams of visiting Hawaii and plans to tackle every sport imaginable. Once, he was Patient 13: a case of relapsed acute myeloid leukemia.