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Psychedelics – News and Features

A 3D model of a human brain with coloured string emitting from the sides.

Human Beliefs About Drugs Could Have Dose-Dependent Effects on the Brain

Mount Sinai researchers have shown for the first time that a person’s beliefs related to drugs can influence their own brain activity and behavioral responses in a way comparable to the dose-dependent effects of pharmacology.
A soldier.

Psychoactive Drug Treats Functional and Neuropsychiatric Symptoms of Brain Injury

Stanford Medicine researchers find that ibogaine, a plant-based psychoactive compound, safely led to improvements in depression, anxiety and functioning among veterans with traumatic brain injuries.
Psychedelic pattern.

Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy Had Success in Treating Depression in Adults With Cancer

Clinical trial results support further study of this psychedelic substance, administered with psychological support from trained therapists, in affected patients.

Psilocybin Could Be an Untapped Treatment for Many Psychiatric Conditions

Medicinal psilocybin may prove to be an untapped therapeutic resource for a variety of psychiatric conditions identified by researchers at The Florey.
Computer generated image of a person's face in a nebulous cloud

Exploring Psychedelics With Boris Heifets

Technology Networks invited Dr. Heifets, assistant professor at the Stanford School of Medicine, to an Ask Me Anything session to answer your questions about psychedelics.
A sample of lab-grown psychedelic mushrooms.

Magic Mushroom Genomes Reveal Route to “Designer” Fungi

A community-led study has revealed a trove of genomic data for over 100 cultivars of “magic” mushrooms. The research details how domestication has reduced the genetic diversity of the mushroom.
A bottle with a living room scene inside it.

Ketamine Clinics Misleading Consumers About Side Effects, Suggests Study

An analysis of Maryland ketamine advertisers has suggested that their websites and marketing materials are awash with false and misleading claims about the drug’s addictiveness, side effects and approval status.

A man yawning.

One All-Nighter Can Reverse Depression for Several Days

Most people who have pulled an all-nighter are too familiar with that “tired and wired” feeling. The body is physically exhausted, the brain feels loopy and almost giddy. Now, neurobiologists are the first to uncover what produces this effect.
A psychedelic pulse.

The Pulse: Psychedelic News From Technology Networks Issue 7

Hello and welcome to the Pulse, the monthly psychedelics industry roundup from Technology Networks and Analytical Cannabis. Here, we’ll highlight some of the most significant psychedelic industry news from the past month, including important announcements, pre-clinical work and the latest from groundbreaking psychedelic clinical trials.
A vinyl record spinning.

Pain-Busting Ballads: Researchers Identify Music That Best Soothes Pain

Your favorite music might be good for more than a workout soundtrack or late-night listening session, suggests a new study. The research suggests that individuals’ most-loved music could reduce feelings of pain compared to relaxing stock music.