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Psychedelics – News and Features

A needle with a syringe.

Why Is Ketamine Still Inaccessible for Those With Severe Depression?

Patients with treatment-resistant depression are missing out on potentially life-changing treatment with ketamine because systemic barriers in the public health system have made it unaffordable.
Coprolites and artifacts recovered from the Huecoid and Saladoid archaeological sites.

Mummified Poop Reveals Diet Choices of Pre-Columbian Cultures of the Caribbean

DNA analysis of mummified poop reveals two pre-Columbian Caribbean cultures ate a wide variety of plants, like maize, sweet potato, and peanuts—and tobacco and cotton traces were detected too, according to a study.
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Retrospective Survey Explores Psychedelics for OCD

In recent years, interest in psychedelic substances and their possible benefit in the treatment of psychiatric illnesses has been greatly revived.
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The Power of Placebo in Psychedelic Trials

Ketamine is increasingly used as an antidepressant. A new clinical trial suggests the drug's effects may be may be placebo-based. In this article, we explore what that means for the drug's rollout for ketamine and psychedelic research.
A nasal spray bottle.

Ketamine Nasal Spray Sees Success in Trial for Treatment-Resistant Depression

A new clinical trial has shown that ketamine nasal spray treatment in patients with treatment-resistant depression led to higher rates of remission than standard intervention with the antipsychotic drug quetiapine.
3D model of a human brain with coloured string emitting from the sides.

Psychedelics Relieve PTSD Symptoms in Special Ops Veterans

One treatment each of two psychedelic drugs lowered depression and anxiety and improved cognitive functioning in a sample of U.S. special operations forces veterans who sought care at a clinic in Mexico.
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MDMA Helps To Reduce PTSD Symptoms in Confirmatory Clinical Trial

Findings from a new confirmatory clinical trial have shown the potential for MDMA therapy in reducing PTSD symptoms, building upon previous studies by using a more diverse patient population.
A psychedelic haze.
Industry Insight

Exploring the LSD-Derivative With Potential for Treating Mood Disorders

BetterLife Pharma’s lead candidate is a non-hallucinogenic derivative of LSD that mimics the projected therapeutic properties of LSD. To learn more, we spoke with BetterLife Pharma’s chief operating officer, Dr. Hooshmand Sheshbaradaran, and head of preclinical research, Dr. Abdi Ghaffari.
A psychedelic brain.

Single Psilocybin Dose Once Again Found To Relieve Major Depression

A new clinical trial has reaffirmed the potential of the magic mushroom-derived compound psilocybin to relieve the symptoms of major depression. The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, is the latest to suggest that psychedelic drugs can provide a new treatment option in psychiatry.
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Industry Insight

Non-Hallucinogenic Drug Inspired by Psychedelics Enters First-in-Human Study

To learn more about the progress and development of non-hallucinogenic psychedelic therapies for conditions such as depression, Technology Networks spoke with the head of research and development at Delix Therapeutics, Dr. Eliseo Salinas.