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The Immune System – News and Features

Someone stroking a cats chin.

Fat Cats on a Diet an Excellent Model for Studying Human Obesity, Study Finds

The study findings place pet cats at the top of the list of animals whose gut bacteria may tell us a lot about our own – and whether gut microbe-based therapy could be one way to battle obesity.
A neon outline of mitochrondria.

Negative Mental and Physical Health Among Caregivers Linked to Stress-Related Cell Damage

It’s no secret that the caregivers of spouses with memory impairment face enormous amounts of stress. Researchers have found that this intense pressure can be felt at the cellular level and is linked to negative physical and mental health effects.
Virus particles over a blue patterned background.

Risk of Long COVID Decreased Significantly Throughout the Pandemic

The risk of developing long COVID has decreased significantly over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, with about 70% of the risk reduction attributed to vaccination.
Cancer cells.

Antiviral Protein Acts Both as an Ally and an Enemy in Cancer Treatment

Investigators have uncovered new details about the role of a protein called interferon regulatory factor (IRF1) in cancer progression and treatment response, offering new insight that can potentially help improve the effectiveness of cancer immunotherapy.
An outline of a brain on a black background.

Study Reveals How Obesity Gene Affects the Brain

New research has shown how a gene called SH2B1 affects the brain to play an important role in regulating food intake.
A scientist in a lab.

Researchers Develop Smallest Free-Floating Bubbles for Medical Imaging, Drug Delivery

Bioengineering researchers at Rice University have developed ultrasmall, stable gas-filled protein nanostructures that could revolutionize ultrasound imaging and drug delivery.

Researchers Discover Fat Cell Receptor Involved in Regulating Metabolic Health

Excess PAQR4 leads to a buildup of ceramides that prompts green-labeled fat cells to lose their lipids and identity, resulting in the accumulation of undifferentiated and dysfunctional cells.
Gloved hands fill a syringe from a vaccine vial.

How a “Neglected” Immune Response Could Lead to New Pathways for Developing TB Vaccines

An “unconventional” immune response recently identified by scientists is a potential new pathway for developing new vaccines for tuberculosis.
Grains of white rice.

Researchers Pinpoint Ideal Conditions To Store Rice

While half the global population relies on rice as a staple, about 15 percent of rice produced each year is contaminated by potentially fatal aflatoxins.
The back of a woman in sportswear experiencing muscle pain holding her neck

Brain Inflammation Study Reveals Pathways To Combat Muscle Fatigue in Long COVID and Alzheimer's

Researchers have found that brain inflammation results in the release of a protein that travels to the muscles resulting in fatigue. Targeting this protein could offer new hope for treating muscle pain associated with long COVID and Alzheimer's.