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The Immune System – Products

Cytokines for BEST Cell Culture

BEST-IN-CLASS Cytokines for BEST Cell Culture

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resDetect™ Manufacturing Process Residue Detection Solutions

Emphasizing Bio-Pharmaceutical CMC Residue Quality Control

resDetect™ is a series of reagent kits designed to follow international legal and regulatory requirements and guidelines for the detection of residual components in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process.
An illustration of a conveyor belt in a factory, with multiple vaccine vials being filled systematically

How To Accelerate Vaccine Production – And Avoid Speed Bumps

This article explores key challenges in vaccine development scale up and highlights various strategies for overcoming them.
A section of RNA split from a DNA strand.

Gene Therapy: A New Frontier in Disease-Modifying Therapies

This article explores major advances in disease modification for illnesses that still lack effective treatments, as well as some challenges and approaches to overcome them.
Three men cutting a rope.
Product News

Single Use Support Opens US Office

Fluid and cold chain management expert Single Use Support has opened a subsidiary in Lexington, Massachusetts. Equipped with a product showroom, the office will also serve as a base for increased US staff.
Drugs and a puzzle piece.
Product News

InSphero and PharmaNest Unveil a Promising Tool for MASH Drug Discovery

InSphero's Liver Disease team has published a groundbreaking peer-reviewed paper in Nature's Scientific Reports, challenging the limitations of in vitro models in MASH Drug Discovery.
Two scientists in a lab.
Product News

BioSenic Releases Details of Optimized Administration Approach Ahead of Planned Phase 3 Trial of OATO

New data builds on earlier findings from a post-hoc Phase 2 analysis that helped reposition BioSenic’s oral arsenic trioxide (OATO) program for pivotal trials.
Cancer immunotherapy cells

Cancer Immunotherapies: The Paths From Models to Treatments

In this compendium, Technology Networks presents a collection of handpicked resources, including infographics, listicles, an article and webinar, that will help you to learn more about the latest advancements with disease modeling and cancer immunotherapies.
GMP Human 4-1BB Ligand Protein

GMP Human 4-1BB Ligand Protein for T, NK, and DC Cell Culture

GMP Human 4-1BB Ligand Protein (Cat. No. GMP-41LH26) is bioactive, low endotoxin, and evaluated for lot-to-lot consistency. Following a GMP production management system, GMP 4-1BB is designed to support T, NK, and other immune cell culture. Explore our GMP products!
A scientist holding up a small vial.
Product News

Rentschler Biopharma Contributes to Nearly 25% of FDA Approved Biopharmaceuticals in 2023

Exceptional capabilities in guiding therapies from early-stage development through to market based on over 50 years of biotech experience.