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SHERLOCK: A CRISPR Tool to Detect Disease

This animation depicts how Cas13 — a CRISPR-associated protein — may be adapted to detect human disease. This new diagnostic tool, called SHERLOCK, targets RNA (rather than DNA), and has the potential to transform research and global public health.

Produced by: McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT.

In collaboration with: Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

With special thanks to :Feng Zhang (McGovern Institute, Broad Institute), Omar Abuddayeh (McGovern Institute), Jonathan Gootenberg (McGovern Institute), Ian Slaymaker (Broad Institute) and Sabbi Lall (McGovern Institute).

Animation by: Sputnik Animation

Narration by: Julie Pryor (McGovern Institute)

Addition footage by: Scott Sassone (Broad Institute) and Sabeti Lab (Broad Institute, Harvard University)