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Latest Upcoming Webinars & Online Events

Innovations in Disease Modeling 2024
Online Event

Innovations in Disease Modeling 2024

Explore the tools and techniques being used to study diseases in the lab. Discover how advances in cell culture and disease modeling are supporting diagnostic and therapeutic development.
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Advancing Multiplex Nucleic Acid Detection for Clinical Diagnostics

Molecular diagnostics have revolutionized healthcare by enabling accurate and efficient disease diagnosis and treatments. Aging and growing populations, increased prevalence of infectious diseases and rising costs are impacting the diagnostic landscape presenting the need for increased clinical lab efficiency and innovation.
This webinar series will delve into the intricacies of the modern clinical lab and explore ways to optimize and streamline molecular diagnostics workflows and technologies to aid in the identification and diagnosis of disease.
In this webinar, Dr. Tza-Huei (Jeff) Wang will join us to discuss the pivotal role of nucleic acids in molecular diagnostics and how to address the multiplexing capacity of various diagnostic methods. Throughout this session, Jeff will discuss novel coding techniques and microfluidic digital detection strategies to improve the multiplexing capabilities of nucleic acid detection to aid in the identification of genetic disorders, cancer and infectious agents.
Thermo Infectious Disease

Evolve Your Respiratory Diagnostics To Improve Patient Care

In this webinar, Dr. Gustav Quade will provide a comprehensive overview of respiratory pathogens and discuss how to enhance your laboratory’s diagnostic capabilities by using multiplex assays to incorporate clinically relevant pathogen targets into your testing protocols. Dr. Quade will also illustrate best practices and key considerations to help you expand your laboratory’s respiratory testing menu.
Cytiva Webinar

Lateral Flow Assays: Optimizing Fiber Pads in Test Development and Manufacture

Cellulose filters are manufactured from wood pulp or high-quality cotton linters treated to achieve a high alpha cellulose content. Glass microfiber filters, or glass fibers, are manufactured from borosilicate glass. These depth filters combine fast flow rates with high loading capacity and the retention of very fine particles, extending into the sub-micron range, and are used in multiple steps of a lateral-flow assay including the sample pad, blood separator, conjugate release and adsorption pad.

Join our webinar, hosted by Klaus Hochleitner, to take a detailed look at the raw materials, specified parameters and optimal uses for cellulose fiber and glass fiber pads in lateral flow tests.

In this webinar you will:
• Review the purposes of the different pads in lateral flow tests
• Understand the raw materials and specified parameters of cellulose fibers and glass fibers with special focus on thickness
• Review the guidelines for development and assay validation, including block-on-the-fly
• Determine the optimal uses for cellulose fiber and glass fiber pads