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Advances in Proteomics & Metabolomics 2021 Online Symposium

Advances in Proteomics & Metabolomics 2021 Online Symposium content piece image

Accessed via mobile, tablet or PC, this free to attend online symposium will highlight the latest advances in proteomics and metabolomics research and their applications in modern medicine.

The insights offered by proteomic and metabolomic approaches are helping to shape our understanding of diseases, accelerate the development of novel clinical biomarkers and facilitate drug discovery. This event from Technology Networks features a collection of exclusive talks from leading scientists in the field, discussing their research and lending insights on the advances and challenges in this exciting space.

If you want to learn how proteomics and metabolomics insights are fundamental in our pursuit towards personalized medicine, you don't want to miss this symposium.

Attend this online symposium to:

  • Learn how proteomics and metabolomics are shaping the landscape of modern medicine
  • Explore some of the challenges that scientists face in this exciting yet complex research space
  • Discuss proteomics and metabolomics with research leaders and peers