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Fast, Easy Dual Phosphoprotein Target Analysis

Fast, Easy Dual Phosphoprotein Target Analysis content piece image
Typically, different wells within a single assay plate are used to measure different targets by using aliquots from the same sample, to give multi-target analysis on a single assay plate.

However, in many cases it would be advantageous to measure more than one target within a single well. Combining this capability with the benefits of a homogenous assay and the ability to fully automate the assay would be very valuable to screening programs.

Download this application note to learn how the Alpha Terbium SureFire® Ultra™ Multiplex can help get you to your next breakthrough, faster and:

-provide greater flexibility for phosphoprotein target analysis   
-allow you to measure multiple targets in each well, in a homogenous assay
-analyze a wide range of phospho-targets with greater efficiency and excellent sensitivity