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Reliable and High-Throughput Cell Viability Assays

Reliable and High-Throughput Cell Viability Assays content piece image

The determination of cell viability in any cell culture is a crucial analytical measurement for any study. One of the most common ways to measure cell viability is via the determination of the cell membrane’s integrity. To date, most high-throughput cell viability assays have been performed using plate readers, due to their ease of use and the option to process entire plates very quickly. However, plate readers, while capable of providing high-throughput, can only give an average of the fluorescence (and thus cell viability) of an entire well, but not at the single cell level.

Download this app note to discover a flow cytometer that enables:

  • Automated staining of up to 96 samples at a time
  • A standardized high-throughput method of assessing cell viability using propidium iodide
  • Consistent results in a completely hands-free setup