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Take Your Metabolomics Workflow to the Next Level

Take Your Metabolomics Workflow to the Next Level content piece image

Metabolomics data can be used as a direct functional readout of metabolic activity and physiological status.  End-to-end targeted metabolomics is used to routinely detect and quantify a predefined group of metabolites that are involved in biological processes of interest. However, it requires a combin ation of several different analytical techniques.

This app note presents a robust workflow that combines automated sample preparation, hydrophilic interaction chromatography and triple quadrupole mass spectrometry that can be applied to plasma and mammalian cell samples.

Download this app note to discover a comprehensive targeted metabolomics workflow that enables:

  • Efficient extraction of polar metabolites from plasma and cell samples
  • Detection of small amounts of hundreds of analytes at low dwell times
  • Customization to suit different research questions

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