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What Do Advances in Structural Proteomics Mean for Drug Development? content piece image
Industry Insight

What Do Advances in Structural Proteomics Mean for Drug Development?

This article will cover innovations in structural proteomics, a new way to identify drug targets across the proteome, a new method to dissect drug–protein interactions and the future of structure-based drug design.
An image of a simulated hand touching data, a visual depiction of artificial intelligence.
Industry Insight

Automated Liquid Dispensing Supports Versatility in Biotech

Automated liquid handling methods are an attractive alternative to manual approaches, allowing labs to redirect important resources. At SLAS 2023, Technology Networks spoke with Thermo Fisher Scientific to discuss how automated liquid dispensing can support versatility in biotech.
Futuristic representation of human genomics.
Industry Insight

Probing the Biomarker Landscape of Human Disease

To find out more about the importance of improving biomarker discovery and how next-generation mass spectrometry-based systems can help to fill the current gap in biomarker technologies, Technology Networks spoke with Dr. Mo Jain.
Tower Bridge, London.
Industry Insight

The UK Is Facing a Science and Tech Exodus

In this opinion piece, Liz Sparrow discusses the real risk of the UK losing its science and technology communities as they face a series of challenges that are threatening their growth.
Accelerating Efficient Drug Discovery With the Power of AI content piece image
Industry Insight

Accelerating Efficient Drug Discovery With the Power of AI

To find out more about how generative artificial intelligence (AI) is helping to accelerate and advance drug discovery processes, we spoke to Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov, CEO of Insilico Medicine.
T cells.
Industry Insight

High-Precision T-Cell Testing: Driving Diagnostics Forward

To learn more about T-cell testing, the types of diseases it can help to diagnose and its value in clinical trials, we spoke to Phill Keefe, chief executive officer of PerkinElmer’s Oxford Immunotec division.
Representation of antibodies.
Industry Insight

Streamlining Lead Identification

To learn more about the Pioneer Antibody Discovery Platform and its potential impact on drug discovery and development, we spoke to Dr. John Cardone.
Radioactive symbol.
Industry Insight

The Case for RRx-001 as a Radiation Countermeasure

This article overviews the science behind the potential use of RRx-001as a “radiation buster” with anti-inflammatory and anti-free radical properties to prevent or reduce both GI-ARS and H-ARS.
DNA double helix on a black background, showing a double-stranded break in the DNA.
Industry Insight

New Approaches for Cancer Therapies: Targeting the DNA Damage Response

We speak with Dr. Niall Martin, CEO of Artios Pharma, to learn more about the development of drugs to target the DNA damage response pathway in cancer.
Two human hands holding jigsaw pieces representing partnership.
Industry Insight

Combine Harvesting: The Advantages of a Reverse Merger

In this opinion piece, Francois Rieger discusses why reverse mergers are the way forward for advanced therapies.