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Latest How To Guides

Sample tubes are placed into a PCR instrument.
How To Guide

Top Tips for Consistent qPCR

Quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) has become a staple of molecular biology laboratories worldwide. Download this guide to learn more about designing qPCR experiments, endogenous, negative and positive controls, and ensuring good data quality.
biotherapeutic journey
How To Guide

Five Tips on Navigating Your Biotherapeutic Journey

It is expected that within four to five years, biologics will comprise over half of the 100 top selling drugs on the market. However, the high cost and complexity of biotherapeutic development, as well as a dynamic regulatory landscape, still poses challenges to drug developers.
Two scientists working in a lab.
How To Guide

How To Optimize Your Electroporation

Electroporation has transformed the way in which scientists work, allowing the delivery of genetic material, proteins and drugs. Download this guide to discover tips on preparing your samples and selecting your parameters.
How To Guide

Overcome Roadblocks to PROTAC Characterization

This guide highlights how an innovative, plate-based, and automation-ready affinity screening solution helps you overcome roadblocks in your PROTAC characterization projects.
Screening Front Cover
How To Guide

Screening Biologics With nanoDSF

Choosing the wrong candidate molecule can prove costly and waste both time and resources. Therefore, it’s important to base key decisions upon the most robust thermostability and unfolding profile data.
Data Integrity Risks
How To Guide

How To Reduce Data Integrity Risk

The aim of this guide is to provide practical advice on how to reduce data integrity risk and ensure GxP compliance. Learn from those in the industry who have failed to comply with data integrity regulations and who have been on the receiving end of an FDA inspection.
How To Detect and Avoid Cell Culture Contamination content piece image
How To Guide

How To Detect and Avoid Cell Culture Contamination

In this guide, we take a look at how cell culture contamination can be avoided and some of the key ways it can be detected.
Reveal More With Accurate and Scalable Long-Read Sequencing content piece image
How To Guide

Reveal More With Accurate and Scalable Long-Read Sequencing

Long-read sequencing enables the accurate identification and characterization of complex genomic features. It outperforms its short-read alternatives in de novo assembly, mapping, and variant calling applications.
Revolutionary Binding Kinetics Analysis content piece image
How To Guide

Revolutionary Binding Kinetics Analysis

Conventional bioassays often require labeled detection reagents to provide a measurable readout. However, modifications to molecular structure and/or function can skew results, and non-specific binding of the labels themselves can lead to an unwanted background signal.
A Guide to RNA-Seq content piece image
How To Guide

A Guide to RNA-Seq

Download this guide to learn more about what RNA-Seq is and the information it provides, advantages of RNA-Seq, the types of RNA-Seq available and what to consider when designing your experiment.