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A woman sits on a sofa, holding her knees in an expression of pain.

Drug With Potential To Ease Pain in Osteoarthritis Moves to Clinical Trial

Results from an animal study published in Science Translational Medicine demonstrate that a drug compound can disrupt overactivation of inflammation and manage pain and stiffness in osteoarthritis. The drug will be tested in upcoming Phase I and IIa clinical trials.
An IV inserted into a hand.

Drug Targeting “Stressed” Cancer Cells Shows Promise in Trial

In a clinical trial, a new drug prevented cancer growth in terminally ill patients, with 70% of those who received the medicine becoming stable after six weeks.
Grey viruses on a white background.

New Drug Candidate Identified Against Mpox

A new drug candidate – nitroxoline – for treating mpox has been identified, with clinical trials due to begin soon.
One white pill on a yellow background.

New Drug Keeps Mice Slim Even on a Sugary, Fatty Diet

Researchers have developed a small-molecule drug that prevents weight gain and adverse liver changes in mice fed a high-sugar, high-fat Western diet throughout life.
White, circular pills on a blue background.

Promising Drug Developed for Rare Hereditary and Statin-Associated Muscle Diseases

A new drug has been developed to treat a severe hereditary muscle disease, and may also help those with statin-related myopathy.
A packet of contraceptive pills on a blue background.

Combined and Progesterone-Only Contraceptives Have a Similar Risk of Breast Cancer

A new study has found that both combined and progesterone-only hormonal contraceptives are associated with a similar relative increase in breast cancer risk of around 20–30%.
Abstract pink and orange bubbles.

Nanotechnology Could Aid Drug Delivery for Lymphedema

By using nanotechnology to repair the pumping action of lymphatic vessels, Georgia Institute of Technology researchers have developed a unique approach to treating lymphedema.
Disc-shaped 3D scaffolds that mimic bone structure and texture.

Improved Bone Tumor Model Boosts Search for Therapies

Researchers have developed and used an upgraded tumor model that mimics bone to find that the body’s immune response can make tumor cells more resistant to chemotherapy.
Agar plate containing bacterial colonies on a black background.

A Solution to the Global Problem of Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance?

A new substance has proven useful for treating staphylococcus infections in people with skin lymphoma. This is good news for the patients, but also for the global threat of antibiotic resistance.
Two scientists work on an experiment.

Tardigrade Proteins Could Eventually Make Life-Saving Treatments

University of Wyoming researchers’ study of how microscopic creatures called tardigrades survive extreme conditions has led to a major breakthrough that could eventually make life-saving treatments available to people where refrigeration isn’t possible.