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4SC AG Announces Election of Dr Thomas Werner to Chairman of the Supervisory Board

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4SC AG has announced that the company's Supervisory Board has elected Dr Thomas Werner as its new chairman and Dr Manfred Rüdiger as its new deputy chairman, each with a term of office running until the end of the Annual General Meeting that takes a resolution on formally approving the actions of the members of the Supervisory Board for the 2012 financial year.

As its deputy chairman, Dr Werner has chaired the Supervisory Board on an interim basis since 1 June 2012 after Dr Jörg Neermann resigned from his post as both a member and chairman of the Supervisory Board for personal reasons effective 31 May 2012.

Dr Werner, a management consultant and the former managing director of GlaxoSmithKline Germany, has many years of experience and in-depth expertise in the pharmaceutical industry, including the field of oncology.

He has been a member of 4SC's Supervisory Board since June 2009 and has been deputy chairman of the Supervisory Board since June 2010.

Dr Rüdiger, venture partner at Munich-based LSP Life Sciences Partners, CEO of Affectis Pharmaceuticals AG, Planegg-Martinsried, and CEO of Kiadis Pharma B.V., Amsterdam, The Netherlands, has many years of experience and broad know-how in the biotechnology industry.

He has been a member of the Supervisory Board of 4SC AG since August 2005.