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4SC Discovery and CRELUX Enter into a Strategic Alliance

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The biotech company 4SC AG has announced that its drug discovery affiliate 4SC Discovery GmbH and CRELUX GmbH have entered into a strategic partnership for integrated drug discovery services.

Both partners are adding core competencies to a joint discovery platform geared towards comprehensive drug discovery services under one roof.

Pharma and Biotech customers will get quick and affordable high quality services for the discovery and optimization of novel small molecule drugs.

The integrated drug discovery platform i2c (idea to candidate) offers a seamless process from early concept through to a preclinical development candidate ready to advance into formal animal model testing and thereafter into clinical trials.

The i2c client groups are pharma companies looking to outsource part of their early discovery projects and also small and mid-size biotech companies lacking the relevant infrastructure.

Besides the standard fee-for service offerings i2c also includes research collaborations based on risk sharing models including milestones and royalties.

These collaborations are provided as tailor made solutions for smaller sized companies and interested pharma partners.

4SC and CRELUX have a long and successful track record in the discovery and development of novel drugs. Both partners are adding their synergistic competencies to i2c.

CRELUX is a leading company in advancing innovations in protein production, crystallography and compound screening.

Next to its strong in silico screening and medicinal chemistry capacities, 4SC Discovery adds to that a team of experienced pharmacologists that has successfully brought a number of small molecule drugs from discovery to clinical trials.

As one example, 4SC’s proprietary in silico screening technology can test the activity potential of millions of substances, selecting promising candidates for further iterations of optimization in the lab and at the computer.

Dr. Daniel Vitt, Managing Director of 4SC Discovery GmbH and Chief Scientific Officer of 4SC AG, noted: “This partnership is of high strategic value to 4SC Discovery. With CRELUX we have found a competent and highly synergistic technology partner well known to us. By adding their competencies - especially in protein production and crystallization - we are able to offer much broader services to our customers and even cover the complete drug discovery value chain. With this alliance we aim to generate additional business and to further strengthen our business model and the one of our parent company 4SC AG.”

“Joining with 4SC Discovery allows us to immediately offer more comprehensive drug discovery services and thus is perfectly covering a very important strategic goal of CRELUX. We are working with 4SC since many years and efficiently executed a number of drug discovery projects. The established processes and the door-to-door location of both companies will now also accelerate our joint customer projects. Looking at the current drug discovery landscape we are convinced that the i2c platform will contribute significantly to the discovery projects of our customers” added Dr. Michael Schaeffer, Executive Director and Co-founder of CRELUX.