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Agilent Technologies to Integrate EMC Data Protection, Management Software into Lab Operating System

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Agilent Technologies Inc. has announced that it now offers EMC NetWorker and EMC DiskXtender information management and protection software as an integrated data archival solution for Agilent OL, Agilent’s operating system for the laboratory.

The Agilent OL and EMC solution creates a unified approach to instrument control, data management, archival storage and protection in the laboratory, all of which increase productivity and allow researchers to easily comply with regulatory requirements.

Agilent OL controls more than 300 analytical instrument modules from over 25 manufacturers, manages data from instruments and other laboratory sources, and provides workflow tools to move information through the laboratory.

The EMC NetWorker family is a recovery solution. EMC DiskXtender software facilitates file system archiving and migrates inactive data off higher-cost storage to lower-cost disk, tape or optical devices. The Agilent OL and EMC solution is particularly well suited for regulated laboratories.

“This integrated solution enables customers to maintain information securely,” said Bruce von Herrmann, Agilent Informatics manager. “EMC is a well-known IT leader whose reputation gives laboratory managers and IT professionals confidence that this solution will meet the needs of their highly regulated labs. As laboratories generate additional data, this solution will scale to meet those needs as well.”

“Very few industries generate as much data as life sciences and pharma, and storing that critical data is only one of the challenges,” said Roberta Katz, director of healthcare and life sciences solutions, EMC Corp. “Life sciences organizations are among the most regulated. It’s important they deploy information infrastructures that enable them to effectively manage, protect and archive that information so that, when necessary, it can be easily retrieved to ensure compliance. The Agilent OL and EMC solution offers industry-leading capabilities that will help these customers meet these challenges in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.”