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Agreement to Offer Turn Key Solutions for Lead Discovery

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Evotec Technologies GmbH and Genedata AG have announced that they entered into an agreement to combine their strengths in the area of High Content and High Throughput Screening.

Evotec Technologies and Genedata expect synergistic effects in combining Evotec Technologies’ instrumentation (EVOscreen® and plate::explorer™) and analysis software (Acapella™) with Genedata's software system Genedata Screener®.

The combination of both company’s products provides detailed information about potential lead structures, facilitating decision making within the drug discovery process and reducing the risk of costly late stage failures.

Evotec Technologies and Genedata therefore decided to jointly promote the combined product offering as a one-stop solution.

Martin Daffertshofer, Vice President at Evotec Technologies GmbH, stated, “Over the past years, Evotec Technologies has successfully developed and commercialised high-end detection technologies for the analysis of biological systems.”

“The resulting information is analyzed by our proprietary Acapella™ software, which is already able to extract a multitude of relevant biological and pharmacological parameters.”

“We are very enthusiastic that the combination of Evotec Technologies’ screening solutions and Genedata's drug discovery software extends this capability to fully integrated secondary data analysis, that allows the exploitation of this wealth of information for an early prediction of reliable pharmacological lead structures in drug discovery.”

Stephan Heyse, project leader Screener at Genedata AG added, “The routine usage of high information assays adds important mechanistic information about compounds early in the drug discovery process.”

“Genedata has been pioneering the interpretation of complex biological high-throughput data from new experimental technologies by delivering state of the art software systems to the scientists in drug discovery.”

“We are happy to join forces now with Evotec Technologies to establish a complete solution for generation and interpretation of high-precision imaging and kinetic experiments early in the drug discovery process, serving to reduce costs and risks in the process.”

Both companies demonstrated the benefits of this collaborative approach at the 11th Annual Conference of the Society for Biomolecular Screening (SBS) in Geneva, Switzerland.

In a presented case study a cell-based assay was screened on the EVOscreen® Mark III uHTS system, combined with the Opera™ high-content confocal imaging system.

Analyzed with Genedata Screener® software, the multi-parametric image data was used to systematically discriminate process artifacts from reliable signals, to provide reliable, detailed activity information on complete libraries and to classify active compounds by mechanism of action at an early stage.