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Ajinomoto OmniChem Launches Flow Chemistry for API Commercial Manufacturing

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Ajinomoto OmniChem, an innovative provider of small molecule API, contract development and manufacturing services, today announced the successful completion of a commercial scale manufacturing campaign that involved adapting a traditional multi-step batch process into a continuous flow chemistry platform. Continuous flow manufacturing has several advantages over batch production including reduction of overall processing time, increased reaction selectivity, better product quality, saving on temporary storage costs, better control of the entire production process, and safer reactions at high temperatures & pressures when handling hazardous materials. The mobile installation of the continuous flow platform was designed and implemented in OmniChem’s pilot plan facility based in Wetteren, Belgium.

Dr. Eric De Vos, Business Unit and R&D Director of Pharmaceutical Fine Chemicals states: “We have been very eager to implement our continuous flow design and our teams have gained significant knowledge around this platform which will facilitate rapid changeovers and modifications for future client programs. Adopting continuous flow technology is instrumental to OmniChem’s expansion strategy and complements other service offerings including wiped film evaporation, build-out of additional suites for highly potent API and sensitive chemistry, oligopeptide and oligonucleotide manufacturing, micronization, and preparative HPLC.”

The continuous flow capability enables R&D and scale up to 100kg commercial levels and its modular construction allows for easy adaptation to other manufacturing processes. Building out this continuous flow platform is supported by the multi-year grant awards OmniChem received from the Belgian government to expand its processing windows and develop new types of reactors for rapid and selective chemical conversions in collaboration with technology providers.

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